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Trouble Launching A Dos Program


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I'm new to MacroExpress, and having a problem launching a DOS program located on a network drive. I think I'm encountering two problems: 1 Default folder located on same drive as MacroExpress; 2 Program to launch requires several arguments. See below:



> System & Files

> Launch or Activate Programs

> Activate a program if it is running, otherwise launch it

> Default folder? Yes - F:\rootdir\subdir_containing_executable

> Program to launch: FOXR.EXE -c..\pro\config.fp -t +X


MacExp says that it cannot find "pro\config.fp"; and when I remove all arguments MacExp says that it cannot find "FOXR.EXE". The following is the small macro in its entirety:


<DOCFILE:01:NN:F:\COMPLINK.JS\DATA.JS>><TEXTTYPE><LAUNCHYES3:0:0112:JSK<LAUNCH:F:\rootdir\subdir_containing_executable\FOXR.exe -c..\pro\config.fp -t +X><TEXTTYPE:>>


Any help appreciated! Thank you.




P.S., Here's what I need the macro to do

1 Change to working directory on network drive: F:\rootdir\subdir_containing_executable

2 Execute the following command: FOXR.EXE -c..\pro\config.fp -t +X (a foxpro-based prgm :) )

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Nevermind. I found a new way to solve my problem. Instead of trying to launch the foxpro program directly, I made a macro to lauch cmd.exe, then mounted [or whatever its called in windows] the F: drive, cd to the working directory, and provided the command to run the foxpro-based program.


I'm starting to enjoy Macro Express!!!!



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