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I'm new to Macro programs and can't seem to figure this out. Basically, I have about 30 different variables that there could be in a textfile. And for each variable I need the macro to do a different thing. For example, if 1 is in the textfile, then I need it to click in a certain spot; if 2 is in the textfile I need it to click in a different spot; and so on. If you have any ideas how this can be done let me know.

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If you can post a sample of the file, would be easier to say.. but at a guess the file would contain more then just the single character? If it's just 1 line of text in the file, I would use the Variable Set from File.. if more then 1 line, I would use the File Begin Proccess command. In either case, once you have the file text in a variable, you can setup a variety of If Variable statements with differing actions.

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