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Text Box After Macro Terminates?


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I have a one line macro that displays a Text Box that says:


You are online!


so I don't forget (I have a dial up connection). It's activated by

the "Connecting..." window.


The problem is that while the Text Box is displayed, no other macro

can run. Is there a way to leave the Text Box displayed after the

macro has terminated?



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> (ok it's probably not the prettiest program you've ever seen but

> it's late )


But it gets the job done Nicolas, thanks!


Of course, I wanted the dialog box in the upper left, and a little

wider, so I added a couple of lines to the macro.


I have multiple desktops, which I switch to by using mouse click

activated macros. So I added an IF ONLINE command to those macros,

followed by the commands to call online.exe. Now I have my reminder

no matter which desktop I'm using.




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> if you want a bigger window with a huge "warning" bitmap in it, I

> can take a few minutes to do it


The size is fine, but if it really would only take a few minutes,

could you make the box red or orange?


This is an extremely low priority request!




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