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Using A Variable As An Email Address


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Everyone, I am trying to send an email within ME using the "E-Mail Send:" command.


I need to use a variable as the TO address. The variable is being stored correctly as an email normally would (@something.com).


But, when I go and put in the TO: line "%T62%", it shows up in the TO box, but when I go back in, it disappears.



When I run the macro, it will not send out the email. But if I look in my email log, it shows up as though it did send it out and the TO that is used is the contents of the variable I was trying to use. But nothing is sent!!!


All I am trying to do to test this is email myself, so the variable is populated with my email address. But I do not receive the email. Now if I go in and actually type in the email, instead of put in the variable, it comes thru just fine, so I know it is setup fine.


Any work arounds any body knows?


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