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Display Only "top-level" Windows


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Does anyone know of a way to show only the names of the Titles of the windows listed in the Alt+Tab menu of Windows (i.e. parse this list down of all those listed in Repeat with Windows - Visible Windows)?


"Alt-Tab is the common name for a complex keyboard shortcut on Microsoft Windows 3.1 onwards used for switching between top-level windows without using the mouse; hence it was named Task Switcher ...", source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alt-Tab.


I created macro ActiveWindowT91 to Active Window with the text in variable T91 (e.g. T91 = "Notepad"). If the window is running, the macro will activate the window if it is not currently on top.

<REM2:ActiveWindowT91><REM2:Running?><IFOTH:12:2:%T91%><REM2:No, prompt user to select window in case program can't find it.><MACRUN2:PromptWindowT91><ENDIF><REM2:On top?><IFOTH:11:2:%T91%><REM2:No, put on top.><ACTIVATE2:%T91%><IMSD:0010><ENDIF>


If the text in T91 is not part of a currently running window, the macro will run macro PromptWindowT91, which will prompt the user to select a Window Title by utilizing the Repeat with Windows Command (Visible Windows).

<REM2:T91 - Window to Interface with.><TVAR2:91:01:><REM2:Build list of active windows for user to select from.><REM2:T8 - CrLf><ASCIIC:7:1:10><ASCIIC:8:1:13><TMVAR2:08:08:07:000:000:><REM2:T79 - Visible Window List><TVAR2:79:01:><REPEATWIN:99:2:2><TMVAR2:08:79:99:000:000:><TMVAR2:08:79:08:000:000:><ENDREP><REM2:Remove Program Manager.><TMVAR2:21:79:00:000:000:%T8%Program Manager><REM2:T91 - Prompt for Window to Interface with.><MENU2:1:T:91:00LeftBottom:WindowProgram cannot find source/destination window to interface with.  Please select applicable window from list below or click Cancel to abort process.%T79%>


The list displayed via Multiple Choice Menu contains windows that are visible, but the user could select a Title from the list that is not the desired window to interface with (e.g. Macro Express, instead of Macro Express - Macro Explorer). Using the mouse to click on the Title bar doesn't work.

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