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Terminate A Program Then Restart


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I am running a program (called "HyperOrder") which occasionally loses its internet connection to an outside server. When this happens, an "alert window" (that's the title) pops up.


What I want Macro Express to do is close the alert window, close HyperOrder, then restart it.


Is there a way to do this using keystrokes rather than mouse movements? Unfortunately HyperOrder does NOT use shortcut key.


(If the answer has something to do with "command line" be advised that I'm a plain old windows user and would need a kindergarten education on how to do command line work!).

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The solution may be quite simple, not requiring closing the window. Just use:


Windows/Programs menu / Terminate Process / Close Program / Select HyperOrder program from list (assumed program is running).


To restart use Windows/Programs menu / Program Launch.


You may need to use ME to reconnect to the internet in which case you use the Network Menu / Dial-Up Networking.


You can also close by closing the Alert Window and any other HyperOrder windows but terminating the process should get the lot in one instruction. I suppose in some cases it may be better to close windows rather than terminating the process (more orderly) but I would try ending the process first because it is very simple.


You would choose to only close the alert window if HyperOrder could continue normally after that without needing a restart (Windows/Programs menu / Close Window / Specific Window / Enter "Alert" no quotes).


The great thing about ME is that you usually don't have to resort to Command Line stuff.

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