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Gary Britt

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If you are referring to the Windows pop-up when you right-click your mouse, than the answer is unfortunately, no.


If you are asking about the Macro Express pop-up, than the answer is yes. You can change the coordinates under the Properties tab when you double click on your macro from the scripting editor.

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Thanks for the reply. Actually its the windows default style macro express popup menu that I was asking about, and for it (unlike the other "ugly" styles of popup menus) the position coordinates are greyed out for the windows default style ME popup menu.


I had a workaround in place but wanted to make sure I wasn't using a workaround for no good reason.


What I do is create a helper macro to the popup menu I want to popup. The helper macro gets the hotkey activation, grabs the current mouse position, moves the mouse to the coordinates that are about in the center of the screen, calls macro run to run the popup menu macro and then puts the mouse back where it was after the popup menu macro has finished.


You get a warning when you first create a macro that calls a popup menu that this may not work properly for some reason, but so far it works just fine for me. I'd rather do it cleanly and a function built into popup menus to automatically handle the mouse save position, mouse move, mouse return function would be a nice addition to macro express popup menu features I guess.


Thanks for the confirmation on this.


Gary Britt

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