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Shortkeys Delayed After Win2000 Install


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I have used Macro Express for a few years on NT platform without any problems. My company changed our PCs to Win2000 and now

*. Shortkeys are delayed about 10 seconds before they activate.



Other symptoms:

*. Hotkeys work fine.

*. Scroll Lock+Pause no longer aborts macros, though it is still set to do so.

Have to abort the macro by double clicking on the taskbar "Runner" icon


Greatly appreciate any thoughts on what might be done to fix this.


John Lu


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I'll answer my own post and hopefully what I've found out in the meantime will solve the problem.


My company's IT team inadvertantly installed version 3.0a, rather than a more updated version.


Revision History of 3.0b states that it

"Fixed a problem where ShortKey activated macros would take a significant amount of time to launch. "


I'll have IT install the most recent upgrade and see if that works.

At this point this is such a basic problem I'm embarrassed to have posted it before doing more homework on my own.


John Lu


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