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Ctrl+,Alt+ issue....


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This one is pretty simple macro...


i want to make my middle mouse buttom act like CTRL+h... but, the problem is.. the game window somehow dont let me send the keys.. dunno if its too fast or what.


For example.. i made this macro


text type: <ctrld>

wait for keypress: h

text type: <ctrlu>


this way it works, because i have to type the 'h' manually.. with alt, ctrl, etc.


but if i go for something like...


text type: <ctrld>h<ctrlu>




text type: <ctrld>

text type: h

text type: <ctrlu>




text type: <ctrl>h


it doesnt work...


Im guessing its something to the speed, cant find another explanation, not that i can think of. Problem now is what speed? keystroke? macro speed?


lets analyse the one that work...


text type: <ctrld> (macro speed, normal speed, meaning a non-human hit speed)

wait for keypress: h (this is where the macro hangs for more time, till i press the key, meaning he gets a "big" delay between the <ctrld> and 'h' letter.)

text type: <ctrlu> (macro speed, normal speed, meaning a non-human hit speed, but i dont think it would interfere in anything at all)



resuming i can pass single keys to the game normally, and i can use plain text to.. like hit enter, type "hello world", type enter again.. and works flawlessly


well i thx u guys in advance and hope u come to an answer :)


lets try to figure out whats going on ;)


Take care u all

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