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I'm not sure why but when I run the capture macro I made it never playback the keystrokes I enter even though I selected the option to record them. I want to run the macro in one specific program and each time I make the macro I select the scope to be specific program and I also select it to be the specified program from the list at the bottom. But when I run back the macro it seems to always run in whatever window is active and gives no preference to the program I want it to run in. When it runs in the program I want it to it will only playback mouse clicks and movements, but no keystrokes, I do believe outside of that program keystrokes do work, but that is useless to me.


So my questions are:

1. Why do my keystrokes not playback when I use a specific program to play them in, (I have the specific program active) and how can I fix this?

2. Why does the macro run at all outside of the program I have specified, and how can I fix this?


I'm somewhat new to macros and I only recently purchased this product, so please excuse me for the noobish question.

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Some applications will deliberately block the Windows keyboard or mouse hooks. We have seen some applications block the recording of the mouse, but if you write the macro with mouse commands, it will play back correctly. Others will block recording keystrokes, but allow playback. Some will block everything. It sounds like this is what you are running into.


Many games will block the hooks and not allow macros. This is where we see the most problems.


The macro scope of Program specific or Window specific, means that if you press the hot key while that window or program does not have focus, the macro will not start. But once the macro has started, it can play back in any application or window. It is not restricted to that specific program or window.

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