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Sub Macros = Sub Zero (It freezes)


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I've been using just the scripting editor to help me play some games that are tedious.

Suddenly I am unable to write new macros using Run Macro. I used to be able to select sub macros, but now the minute I click om that command, Run Macro, none of the folders show up, and all of macro express freezes, I have to Ctrl Alt Del Close the Tree, and reopen ME.


I tried rebooting, reinstalling. Frustrated.


ME is ALMOST idiot proof.

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This is a new one on me.


It is possible that the macro file has somehow become corrupted. Try exporting your macros by clicking on File | Export | Export Macros. Click on the Select All button found at the bottom of the Export window and then save the file. Once you have done that, click on File and select Open File. Browse to the location where you saved the exported macros and load that file.

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T?Y for your response.


Maybe it's more of a tech support question than a user question. I was hoping i was doing something wrong.

It that ME may be failing. It's not any particular macro that fails, but rather that whenever I try to write a new one using the run macro function to insert a sub macro as soon as i click on that it should (or used to) show me the folders of other macros to select from. NOW it doesn't show that list, and all of ME freezes completely. I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del and use Task Manager to close ME, then reopen it. All my old macros still run. I can edit the sub macros, but I can't change which sub macros they access, because I would have to use that feature/function.

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It may be best to contact the techs at Insight. Their e-mail address is: info@wintools.com.


I do recommend trying to export the macros to a new file and then opening that file if you have not already done so. This will also help the techs at Insight narrow it down a bit.

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