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Here is my code:




All I want to do is to hold down the left mouse button until I hit the enter key.


I have a program which graphs stocks. After I draw a trendline on the chart, I simply want to move it. So, I move the mouse cursor over the trendline and then hit the Macro Express HOT KEY which is ALT + Space bar. Then I hit the space bar again to release the trendline after I am done moving it.


I use Windows 2000 and have Macro Express


The only way this macro works is if I choose the run command, and then I have to use it in the Macro Express Window. I have scope set Globally.

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Try and change your Macro Express Hot Key to something else. ALT + Space bar kind of works but can be confused with executing the main window control box in the upper left of most programs, which allows you to Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize, Close a window.


I used the following to grab a shape in Visio. I put a small delay before and after. My wait for Enter key code looks different from yours (<WAITKEY2:000000:000000:54>) too.




Hope it helps.

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you are absolutely correct. Today I changed the alt+enter combination and everything works fine, Thank you.


If it is a glitch in macro express, maybe they can fix it.


Does anyone know if there is a way to make your own hot key commands in addition to the ones in Macro Express?

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Wecome to the group meuser33!


Although the Alt+Space combination is not among them, there are actually 14 reserved combinations in the Macro Express HotKey list and are colored red. If you choose one of them, it may or may not work because it is reserved by Windows.


I can think of other combinations besides Alt+Space that I personally do not use, but that others have used successfully.


As to your question: no, you cannot make your own HotKeys, however, you can create your own ShortKeys that will activate macros.

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