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Issues When Using With Windows Scheduled Tasks


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Hi There,


I need to run some maintenance tasks an old DOS based DB, and have started using Macro Express to automate this. Currently I have written a batch file that first executes the Macro Express task, the batch file then executes the required commands to start the DB maintenance. I have inserted a 5 second interval at the start of my macro to ensure that the DB maintenance package has started before the macro kicks in. I am running the DB maintenance package via batch file as I also need to have an email sent at the end of the DB maintenance to ensure that it has completed successfuly, This will only happen if the DB package is completed successfully as it then exists back to command prompt and runs email commands.


This all works really well if I am logged in and execute the task or are logged in and schedule the batch file to run by Windows Scheduled Tasks.


The issue that I am having is that if I schedule that task to run with Windows Schedule Tasks it does not work as the window that the macro needs to run in is not seemingly made active with the Window Activate macro command if the workstation is locked.


Any tips would be appreciated.




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I have found that nothing with screen references (Window Activate) will work with the workstation locked. Also, the Windows Task Scheduler is a bit flakey. Sometimes the task will "forget" the password and won't run as scheduled until it is re-entered. Try using the scheduler that is built into Macro Express on the Properties tab.


Hope that helps.

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