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What am I doing wrong???


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I am going out of my mind:


This is what I want my macro do do:


1) On a certain web page, click on a link that is always in the same place when the web browser is maximized

2)Once the link loads, there is a constantly updating list of links which vary where there are horizontally on the page (the list is always in the same place, but sometimes the link is the first word in the sentence, sometimes the last, ect). So I want it to click just above where the first line is, hit TAB (which highlights the first link, which is what I want) then hit ENTER, which will load the page the link goes to.

3) On this next page, I want it to click a link that is always in the same place when the browser is maximized

4) Repeat


What I am doing is printing out articles of a certain news feed that I use. The feed lists articles, one below the other. When I click on one, it loads it up, I click on the PRINT link, and it sends the job to the printer automatically. I then want it to click the link going back to the list, where it will have refreshed and anything I previously clicked will now be in a different column, and the next link will be at the top of the page.


The problem I am having is that I go to capture the macro (I'm using Macro Express 3.7c) and I set the options to HOTKEY (I want to use CTRL+K) and give it a name, then choose the following:


-Capture Keystrokes (I want to capture the <tab> and <enter>)

-Capture Double Alt for Menus (I've actually tried this both with it checked and unchecked, same results)

-Capture Mouse Relative to Screen (since most of the links I want are in the exact same place every time)

-Only Capture Mouse Clicks (again, tried this with it checked and tried with it unchecked, same results)

-Capture at Normal Speed


I go through the motions, and when I do it as I capture it, I get the exact results I want.. it goes to the page, it prints, it goes back to the list. Perfect!!!


But I run the macro, and it doesn't work. I look at the macro in the editor, and it says:


-Macro Playback Speed: Normal Speed

-Text Type: <TAB>

-Delay 1201 Milliseconds

-Text Type: <ENTER>





Why won't it capture the mouse movement?

Why won't it capture the clicks?

Why won't it capture the mouse positions?


According to the help files I'm doing it right, I even noobed myself out and went through the wizard, I've tried every option I can think of, and every time it does the same thing.. it captures the text and nothing else!


What gives? What am I doing wrong?


(I just had a thought and went back and tried it again without the Capture Keystrokes enabled to see if it would at least capture the clicks... NOPE! All it says in the editor is "Macro Playback Speed: Normal Speed"


Please help!!

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Well, got pissed off and handled it myself. I booted up an old laptop, found my original install file for Macro Express 2.1, loaded it, ran the Capture Macro on THAT (which worked fine, tyvm) and then saved it, opened it in ME 3, converted it, and now it works.


Did anyone bother checking for bugs before releasing this thing? I'm just going to keep using 2.1, at least I know it works :(

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