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Capturing selected values from webpage dropdown controls


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Hey all, I just found this forum. All I have to say is, "Sweet!". Anyway, down to business:


I'm working on a macro that lifts information from a webpage. One of the fields it has to lift is the value of a dropdown menu. The value's been set by other users in the past and will always be a single character, but varies from situation to situation and so has to be lifted with every application of the macro.


Tabbing over to the dropdown menu and using the clipboard copy feature returns ".00" for the default value [EDIT: the values are all letters, never anything close to ".00"] as well as all other values of the dropdown menu. I also tried capturing the control text, but that returned non-ascii gobbledegook.


Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum.


Is there any way to get this information manually, without using Macro Express? Can you highlight the text from the menu and copy to the clipboard? Or somehow grab the information another way?


If you cannot do this manually, then I don't see a way for Macro Express to extract the information. If you can, how are you doing this and we'll see how Macro Express can replicate the steps.

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