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Test Run Causes Focus Loss


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This is such a minor issue, it almost never effects me. In fact I rarely even notice it, and when I do, it is never more than a slight

inconvenience (if even that). However, I was just testing a macro that is supposed to save the title of the topmost window to %T1%

and then at the end of the macro, it should recall %T1%.


The problem is that when I click the Test Run button, ME loses focus, so whichever window is directly behind ME gets the focus and its

title ends up getting saved to %T1%. Not a life-altering problem, really, but it did cause me a moment of confusion when ME didn't

come back to the top when the macro ended.


Is there a setting somewhere within the preferences that I'm missing that will fix this? Or is it a "feature" of this build?



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