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Hey everyone, I was trying to figure if this works. I am trying to set something in a macro that checks the date of an account. Now i know how to get the date into a variable and i can set another variable for 6 months from todays date(would this need updated daily?) but is it possible to even compare these two variables or if there is another way to do it let me know.


For my project customers date has to be before todays date - 6 months ex. Today 11/11/2009 cust must be before 5/11/2009

T1 copied account date from customers info

T2 todays date minus 6 months

essentially want that N1 is going to be set to 0 and if customers date is not 6 months old change n1 to 1, if n1 = 1 then macro stop (well will be a fail and note out spreadsheet)


i was trying to figure ways to compare these two variables or even if there was a way to copy customers date and add 6 months must not be greater (future) todays date.


Thanks for any help

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