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I wanted to print the list of 40 macros I had in a one .mex file to compare with another one I have. I used the print option: Print Macro List... it began to print 40? or so pages, but I noticed that pages 2-37 (when I stopped it) all had the same thing:


Entire Reports-Prints Pre-admit Alf + Shift + F3 Scope Global Except


In my list that is line 17 and it printed the correct 16 before that on page 1, and then just repeated the above... have I corrupted my file? Thanks - Renee

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Joe, yes, I was printing the file/print macro list. As I was saying it started printing just fine and then went nuts and started printing that one line over and over and over again on the same page. So I have 30 something pages with about 80 lines of the same macro printed on each page. Make sense?- Renee


P.S. I just tried this again, this time from a different list of macros and it generated 10,000 pages in the print window (when I double clicked on the printer to stop it from printing) and this time the one macro that was printing over and over was the same one. Do you think that macro is corrupt? I only have 112 macros in that list I just tried to print.

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Hello Renee!


If the macros run, I doubt that the library is corrupted. Try printing 1) to a different printer and 2) a different library (.mex). Also, try printing or editing the one that comes up all the time. See if any errors appear.

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