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I'm trying to setup a macro to run on a computer that has no monitor or keyboard, with Windows XP. It's a virtual guest computer so I connect with remote desktop to work on it. I want the macro to run by it self when no one is connected to the computer. I think the screen resolution is changing when I disconnect from remote desktop??

Any advice?



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What is the error or problem?


Your can check the resolution by doing a set variable from width and height and then export that to a .txt to check.


The other thing, how are you connecting to the system? RDP or a vnc client? If you are connecting with RDP, when you disconnect, it will log out the session. Try using a VNC or logmein.com

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I'm using a setup as noted by Brain Virus, using RealVNC. It's only on my home network - I have 2 PCs and usually run one monitor to save power. I've never noticed any changes on the "remote" pc display.


If you use something like (free) ZoneAlarm you may have problems at the remote PC. You can only operate its controls from direct-connected devices (in my experience anyway). It will not respond over VNC (to allow new connections for example).

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