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Compositefield errors


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My lessons in ME are continuing :-)


We found that input data (a csv file) cannot be trusted, and i need to inspect a value on the screen to compare with my inputs, and then make a decision.


However, i have 2 issues:

1. It seems that tables of data only return a "Compositefield" value in %Cn% rather than an array of contents

2. That display only data cannot be captured at all.


Does anyone know a way round these please?


Process is to enter a job number, and then a list of jobs comes up - if the job number exists then this will be top of a display only array of data including the job number and i need to check row 1 item 3 has the same value as i've just used. if so, then we have a good number, otherwise i need to report an error and then carry on with the next record from the CSV


Thanks in anticipation, Peter

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Would be nice to know this, but we've adopted a work around (so please don't break a leg replying). We're pre-cleansing data for now, and detected an error dialog box and aborting if an error occurs.


Frankly for the users that a better protocol. Stop, Fix Data, Start again.


But if someone does know the answer, that would be interesting. I was getting into ME, but if this is a limitation, then it'd be much less useful to me (or my other clients).


Thanks, Peter

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it's the screen grab utility - i have the data from the input file. But what i want to do is inspect a value displayed on teh screen, however the screen grab tool does not allow me to get to the value of the field on the screen as it is display only. The ME process assigns the screen control value to %C1%, but in this instanace because the form design is a bunch of fields ont he screen (or so it seems) i get "Compositefield" rather than any data


Ideally i'd get the data in a field on the screen, and then compare with the input data in the CSV (%T1%) and then made a processing decision.


Hope that helps explain it.

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Have you thought about using a screen grab text utility? There are a few around that are OCR-capable. I doubt they are perfect but should work OK with screen text from commercial software (no fancy fonts). If the odd one is not properly recognized you alarm the occurrence and check manually.


You mentioned in the other thread that it is a browser-based application. If that is the case why can't you get the text off the screen by direct copying (at worst, mouse click and drag) or via the page source? It may be the windows you are referring to are not browser windows.

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