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Need help creating this macro...

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When I connect to the internet I have to keep entering my login details, I don't want to keep doing this everytime I connect. So, I thought creating a macro would simplify this.


I new to macro's so I can only creat very basic ones.


What I want to do:


Open the program which connects to the internet.

Enter the three login credentials.

Click the Save button.

Then click the Connect button.


Doing this via the record function is not really viable as it seems to record at the speed I perform the actions and when I choose a faster speed it goes to fast for the cursor to be in the right place.


So, is there a way I can setup a macro to open the program, enter my login details, save then connect all at once?

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You will find the same advice many times in the forum - instead of recording the macro, enter the program commands manually. It produces better results and you can use many more functions. Commands like Mouse Move, Mouse Left-Click, Variable Set String (for logins, mask input to hide if you wish for security in multiuser situation), Text Type (eg Ctrl+V to Paste), Clipboard Paste, Text Type (type out the variable), Program Launch, Window Activate.


You can often use Text Type and a number of Tabs to get to from where you are when the window opens to a button. A login may be, as an example:

Text Type Tab (to get to 1st entry)

Text Type T1 (saved login name)

Text Type Tab (to get to 2nd entry)

Text Type T2 (saved password name)

Text Type Tab (to get to button - may not be necessary if OK button is default)

Text Type Enter (hit OK button)


Mouse Move is OK if the window is the same every time.


If you want to Record the macro as a framework to edit manually, look at Options/Preferences/General/Capture for settings. You can edit out the garbage after recording.

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