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If A List In A Window Doesn't Exist, Exit Macro


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I'm have set up a macro that calls up a window that, under normal conditions, should have a list of devices in it and will unplug or eject those devices. The macro works great if the list exists in the window. But if the list doesn't exist, by default the macro cannot proceed (aborts) and waits for user input. Since this is an unattended, scheduled macro, no one will be able to dismiss the macro.


Is there a way for the macro to verify whether or not items exist in the list and if they dont, end the macro before proceeding?


I have attached the playable macro file.


Any tips at all are very much appreciated.


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Just curious and not sure this will help but...


"Using the command line for Removable StorageYou can use the command-line utility for Removable Storage to manage media resources and to write batch scripts for applications that do not currently support the Removable Storage API (are not aware of Removable Storage). You can run the command-line utility from a command prompt by typing rsm.


For help using the Removable Storage command line utility, see rsm. For information about other command-line utilities, see Command-line reference. "


If the device does exist and Send the RMS commands to eject the disk. If unattended could you set a timer?


Hope this helps.



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Hello Phillip!


I am unsure of what is displayed in the window. Is the list that shows up in the window a list that can be copied and pasted into the clipboard? If so, then your macro can test for an empty clipboard if the list is empty.

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