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Different result when launching batch file with ME vs double clicking it


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I'm using macro express to delete some Dropbox cache folders because it keeps filling up my hard drive with it's silly backups. I have a batch file which list's the folders and outputs them to a text file for ME:

@echo off

dir /ad /b > folders.txt


When I double-click on this batch file, it gives me a nice clean list of the subfolders.









However when I launch this file from ME, the batch file runs fine, but the folders.txt file ends up on my Y drive, or whatever folder was last used, but never the folder that the batch file is in.


I vaguely remember having this or a related problem in launching things from visual basic, and the resolution then was to use cmd.exe to launch it with the batch file as a parameter. Again it's been awhile and I'm not sure whether it's related... something about comspec... c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /C "D:\afolder\yourbat.bat". I've tried everything I can think of doing with the launch program command and nothing working. Here is the macro:


<DIS:<LOGERR:Y><IFOTH:10:1:G:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Application Data\Dropbox\cache><MSTOP><ENDIF><IFOTH:09:2:G:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Application Data\Dropbox\cache\dirlist.bat><MSTOP><ENDIF><DIS:<DOFILE:05:NN:G:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\System\dirlist.bat>G:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Application Data\Dropbox\cache\dirlist.bat><LAUNCHDEL2:0:01C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe "G:\Docume~1\Eric\Applic~1\Dropbox\cache\dirlist.bat"><TDELAY:4><IFOTH:09:2:G:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Application Data\Dropbox\cache\folders.txt><MSTOP><ENDIF><BTFBEG:001:000001:000000:G:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Application Data\Dropbox\cache\folders.txt><IFVAR2:1:01:2:><NMVAR:01:01:1:0000001:2:0000001><IFVAR2:2:01:4:3><LOGFILE:NN:G:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Application Data\Dropbox\cache\delme.batDEL %T1%><ENDIF><ENDIF><BTFEND><IFOTH:01:2:G:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Application Data\Dropbox\cache\delme.bat><LAUNCHDEL2:0:01G:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Application Data\Dropbox\cache\delme.bat><ENDIF>

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