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needHELP plz :)


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hi, im trying to make a macro (and failing) that will repete mouse clicks untill i let go of my mouse.

To put you in the picture, call of duty world at war..

There are semi-automatic guns that I want to make automatic.

I want it so when I hold down my mouse click, it repetes mouse clicks.. if you get me...


could one of you smart wizard pros plz copy n paste a working method that will do the job.


best i can do is make 1 mouse click (left) = 10 mouse clicks

but i don't want it to have a set value for the amount of clicks.

i want it to generate clicks as the mouse button is held down.



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Well, a bit late if you still visit...

Maybe even better, you don't have to hold down the mouse to stop clic'ing ... this macro will stop when you just move the mouse !

You can make it faster by reming display stuff...


<WAITLM:000010000000><IVAR2:05:01:0><MOUSEPOS:T:01:02><REP3:08:000001:000002:0006:0:01:1><NMVAR:01:05:1:0000005:2:0000001><LCLK><TBCLOSE:Mouse><TBOX4:T:3:000541000270000155000077:000:Mouse%N5% clic done...><MOUSEPOS:T:03:04><IFVAR2:5:01:2:N3><OR><IFVAR2:5:02:2:N4><BREAK><ENDIF><ENDREP>


I don't have any better...

So , like it ?

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