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Working Multiple Photos In Photoshop

Pete Licis

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I'm working with multiple open photo windows in Photoshop Elements 2.0. I need to access the photos from within a macro in order to manipulate them. But, I don't seem to be able to "see" the individual photo windows from within any of the window manipulating macro commands like Window Reposition.


I do see and have access to the Photoshop Elements main window - it appears in the list of available windows when broswing available windows within the macro command dialogs. But, the photo windows do not show up in either the Visible or Hidden lists.


How can I gain access to the photo windows so I can manipulate them (reposition, resize, etc)?


Thanks in advance for your help,


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Welcome to the group Pete!


I understand your problem. I use Microsoft Photo Editor in a manner similar to what you described for Photoshop Elements. Unfortunatley, there is no direct way to resize and reposition sub-windows. It would appear that both of these are written so that external programs cannot access the sub-windows as top-level windows.


With Microsoft Photo Editor I can capture the sub-windows using the Macro Express Window Controls commands and can even get the current position and size of each. But there is nothing that allows me to resize or reposition a window that is not a top-level window.


Maybe it will take a combination of using Window Controls and the built-in menu features of Photoshop Elements to create a solution. In other words, using Macro Express, set focus to the target sub-window and then use the menu choices of Photoshop Elements to manipulate it.

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I had the same problem with Paint Shop Pro ... using the "window" menu, and depending on what I needed, I selected the cascade or tile command, or directly a window as the ten first windows are explicitely displayed in this menu


it's even better if your application gives you access to a list of all your child windows, as in Visual C++ ...


if you only want to manipulate all windows one by one, using the cascade command ensure you that all child windows will have the same size and position can be easily calculated (from one picture to the next one : X+n and Y+n) ... you can also try to use TEXT TYPE with :





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