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Export Your Macros To Playable (.mxe) Files


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Please consider exporting your macros to playable (.mxe) files, zipping them, and then attaching the .zip file. I cannot learn too much from these posts without such help. Others, especially the newbies and including the advanced one, may feel the same. The "simple" macros or a part of a macro that you love and use, [and may be shy to share] may be of great help to some of us! This REALLY will help all of us! [Each of your macros need its own xxx.mxe file.] It is easy: in Macro Express Editor, click on your macro, then

A.) File, Export, A Playable Macro

B.) And then export the file.

C.) Launch a program such as Win.Zip, zip your one or more macros. (You can do this with the WinZip Evaluation 9.0 copy, if you are not registered.)

D.) Attach the xxx.zip file you just created to your post on this Community Forum.

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