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Parsing Clipboard Text


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Okay, here's what I want to do. I have many computers in many labs that I need to install all kinds of software on. I have a text file of all our serial numbers to use, but most of the programs I'm installing have the multiple entry boxes where they break up each "section" of the serial number (separated by a dash or space) into different boxes, so you can't just copy-and-paste the s/n from the text file.


What I'd love to do, is copy the serial number into the clipboard, then fire off a Macro Express Macro that will replace the dashes (or spaces) with either tabs, or (depending on the installer) nothing at all - just type out the text (without dashes or spaces). I'd pop-up a multiple-choice dialogue for that.


What I'm having trouble figuring out is how to parse a string variable (from the clipboard) for certain types of characters. I don't have PGM, and I'd kinda like to figure out how this is done without it, if that makes sense. Do I need to breakup the different "sections" of the s/n into different variables? If so, how?


Any help or information is appreciated. Thanks!

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