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The Macro Express Explained Book

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Macro Express Explained

Macro Express Explained is a book written for you to assist in learning and using Macro Express effectively. Containing over 200 example macros and nearly 1,000 pictures, you will find something useful no matter what your level of skill may be. Here is a small sampling of the many topics covered:



  • Setting up and using Macro Express
  • Working with the Macro Express Scripting Editor
  • Using wizards to create macros
  • Running and Activating macros
  • Using the built-in commands


  • Using variables to enhance your macros
  • Handling Windows, programs, and other applications
  • Working with the Macro Express Direct Editor
  • Using command line arguments
  • Capturing macros


  • Installation procedures for networks
  • Working with the Windows Registry commands
  • Generating dynamic macros
  • Processing data within files
  • Handling applications using Window Controls

Table of Contents

View the Table of Contents (142 KB Adobe PDF) for a complete list of the topics covered by the book.



Companion CD

But there is more than just the book! Included is a CD-ROM that contains over 20 video tutorials, all the macro examples from the book, and other extras. Here is a list:

  • Videos of different subjects from the book
  • Macro examples from the book
  • The Macro Express Pop-N-Pass macro library
  • TweakMe3.mxe macro file for setting advanced Macro Express features
  • The complete Macro Express help file in Word and HTML formats
  • Plus trial versions of these products:
    • Macro Express v 3.5 from Insight Software Solutions
    • PGM Functions Library from Professional Grade Macros
    • ShortKeys from Insight Software Solutions
    • Capture Express from Insight Software Solutions
    • Zip Express from Insight Software Solutions

Book Reviews

Macro Express Explained is super-fantastic!! Well worth the wait!! -- Kris Donahue

» Read the full review here «


I purchased your book, and it is excellent. Thank you. -- Richard L.


As always...you guys ROCK! -- Keith P., Los Gatos, CA



Buy it Now!

$49.95 (free shipping in the US and Canada)

Paperback, 7½" x 9", 400+ pages

Purchase Macro Express Explained from Insight Software Solutions' shopping cart, by phone, mail or fax.

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