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Unable To Use 2 Different Keys To Execute Macro


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Hello I'm new to ME but I have a pretty good feel of it already, I have created several scripts but I can't execute any macros using hotkeys <right shift> or <right control>. I have a 104 keyboard and I'm unable to remap these 2 keys to get around this problem. <left shift> (normal shift) and <left ctrl> (normal ctrl) work fine to excute the macros but I wish to use the keys on the right side. I have tried several different ways to go about this including recording (to test), but while recording ME never records <right shift> and/or <right control> keys. In conclusion ME isn't detecting <right shift> or <right ctrl>. If I could some how reverse the left keys to the right keys, so that ME would recognize these other 2 keys, then I wouldn't have this problem, so for the time being I am unable to locate any option or setting that would allow me to do this. Any thoughts???

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Macro Express sees no difference between the left and right Shift or Ctrl keys on you keyboard. If, for example, you have a macro set to fire when entering Ctrl+Shift+Q it does not matter which side of the keyboard you use. Remapping your keyboard is not the answer. Something else must be wrong.

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