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Hi again


Why are the "easy" things so darned awkward??


I've a drop down list box (dozens of items) on a page(a). When I select an item from the list its name appears in the top box and because of a few other bits I do the name loses the focus... no problem. I activate my macro which tabs 11 times and viola the name gets the focus again. Question.. how do I now copy this name onto the clipboard?? I've tried Get Control %C1% and Set variable %T1% from %C1% and then paste %T1% to the clipboard but all I get is a load of gobbledook. I think it actually pastes the name of the listbox rather than the text in it.


Sorry for being such a dummy... it's late and my brain has just about shut down. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Why are the "easy" things so darned awkward??

I think it's God's way of showing us He has a sense of humor :)


As you say, you can <Tab> back to it, but can you then highlight it (Ctrl+A) and then copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) using your keyboard? If so, then you can duplicate these two actions within Macro Express:

Text Type: <CONTROL>A
Clipboard Copy

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Hi Joe


Thanks for your rapid reply. I've tried <control>a but that just copies the entire page... all I need is the name on display at the head of the list box. :(


If I put the list box "text" into a variable and copy that to the clipboard I get all the items on the list..... :angry:


I don't know if it's relevent but when the name is highlighted I can't right click the mouse and get any "copy/select/paste" commands.


It looks as if it's an "all or nothing" situation.


God must know that I'm a "little bit at a time" type of guy! :rolleyes:

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