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Capture A List Of Variables Used In A Macro

Les Hazlett

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Is there a way to get a text file containing a list all the variable used in a macro?


I need to go back and document all my macros. My latest macros have a variable map within the macro. After the last executed statement I created a list (using Remarks) of all variables used and how they are used.


This may be a previously discussed item. If so I appologise I just don't have time to search the archives. I am leaving my company and trying to document a large collection of macros before I go.


Using ME has been great. I've been inactive for several months but really benefited from this Forum when I was writing a lot of Macros.


Thanks to all of you who helped me so much.


Les Hazlett

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Hello Les!


I wish you luck in your next venture and have appreciated your support for this forum.


There is not a direct way to do what you want. But maybe you could create a macro to run afterwards that will loop through variables 1-99 and write the ones that are not empty to a text file along with their variable number. This would at least tell you which variables have been used. It would not work on variables used and then erased. And it will not tell you what the data for any particular variable means.

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