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Serious Consideration For The Me Development Team


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ME – Macro Express

IE – Microsoft Internet Explorer


Ok this will take a few minuets of your time to digest in relation to Macro Express and Internet Explorer if you are interested in this field. If both these combined software concern or interest you please continue.


It occurred to me that many users of ME would like to be run in conjunction with IE for the likes of online form filling, data acquiring and such. To my knowledge ME has no direct link to a webpage contence, par from a direct copy from onscreen text and graphics or source html. ME is a massive global software automation tool that can adapt to program specific manipulation. However, here’s the nail head, sometimes ME needs to go further, thanks to controls jobs can be done more efficiently with them, up to a point where controls dynamically change. Specifically ME and IE it’s a weak point in gathering links but a little premature gathering on-page data but possible. Take a look at a scenario I was faced up with for example. I’m an eBay fanatic and sometimes I wasn’t always there to place my sniper at the very last second. Thanks to ME I’ve made a eBay function in error reporting, bid checking, and bidding on a second specific time and the list goes on. It works but can be made more efficient with a direct conduit to on-page data that currently ME does not have. What about making a IE plug-in that works for ME to acquire the data that it needs? This could follow in the shape of identified under-links as usable objects. Enterable fields as usable addresses. This could make a massive impact on the list of usable functions in the commands window from the one command under IE. Ill name one program that is able to do this for the likes of eBay webpage manipulation strictly which is Onbidder. That program is able to identify all available “click”;able fields but did not meet my requirements of my eBay buying and terminated my trial of the software. Furthermore I developed macros to meet my last second bidding. It was vary hard detecting all the things that could go wrong, like windows losing focus when entering curtail data into fields. My scenario was only an example that of what I needed my computer to access on page data, use it and work with it. The point I’m trying to bring across is ME lacks in manipulation of IE objects. It works excellent with OS tasks windows, files, logic etc. So would it be possible in the future to link the two together better, which can open up a vast array of possibilities for automation? I think the ME development team could make it possible if they put there mind to it. I feel that quite a number of people wish ME could control web pages better. There that’s my bit said and done. Lets see where this goes from here. :huh: Please dont hurt me!

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