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Make Macro Continue If Window Doesn't Appear


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In response to a command, a Windows window may or may not appear, such asking whether or not I want to replace a file.


If the Window doesn't appear, within say 10 seconds, I would like the macro to continue.


However, if you put in a time delay in the wait for window command, the macro aborts. I can't find a way to tell ME that I want to continue the macro, not abort, if the time elapses.


I tried putting in a wait for window ORed with a wait for time. That didn't work.


My intuition tells me that this problem must have arisen and got solved in ME version 1, beta. But how?

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Hello Nevada!


Repeat Start (Repeat 10 times)
 If Window Title "Calculator" is running
   Repeat Exit
 End If
 Delay 1 Seconds
Repeat End


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