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I'd like to see "Active Macros" in a future version. By that I mean, I'd like it to act more like ActiveWords which watches what you do and suggests to assign a macro to a program or URL if you ran it "x" amount of times. It would be amazing if MacroExpress watched that I click a button several times in a row (always the same button) and created the macro automatically for me. Of course I'd want it to prompt to to verify that's okay.


Other Ideas:


Faster/Easier way to click buttons. It takes about two minutes or so now just to create a macro to click a button. I can do that with Push the Freakin' Button Pro (PTFB Pro) with 10 seconds.


Faster/Eeaser way to create shortkeys for pasting text. ActiveWords takes about 15 seconds to create a shortkey. While Macro express takes around 1-2 minutes to do it.





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