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Help With Using The Control Key


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All I want to do is have a macro that only runs in one program and only works when I click the left mouse button. I need it to simply "hold down" the control key for me while I am able to click around and type on the program window. I've tried to make this macro and have been able to get it to work somewhat sucessfully. However, when I try to do anything else, say open a folder, it just selects it since the control key is still depressed. I cannot type if the macro is running either. Even if I disable the macro the key still stays down. I've used the Window Specific and Program Specific scopes, but have been unsucessful in keeping the button pressed in only one program.


Can anyone think of a way to have the control key depressed while being able to do everything else like normal?

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The macro will only activate in the window or program specified, but once the command to hold down the control key has been sent to Windows, it applies to all windows. The only way to release the control key is to either create another macro that will release the control key, or you will need to press the control key manually to release it. This is because Macro Express notifies Windows to hold down the control key, so once the command has been issued, it is Windows, not Macro Express holding down the key.

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