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I have gone through the tutorials and help me files and am still so confused about the CONTROL features:


ie. What does the following do and WHEN do you use them:







I basically want to send grouo of commands to the background window but don't know how or WHICH control (GET or CAPTURE?) to use ?


Let's say I activate the forground Firefox browser window with a webpage in it. I load like Notepad in the forground (browser now in background), I want to send a TEXT TYPE to the Firefox browser in the background.. Do I need to use a GET or CAPTURE for the browser window (to set to C?)? Thanks

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What does the following do and WHEN do you use them

To use a Window Control, you must first tell Macro Express about it with either the Get Control or Capture Control command. Although they both stuff a variable of your choosing with information from a Window Control, their individual use is different. Get Control is used at design time, while Capture Control is used at runtime.


Design time is when you are creating, editing, fixing, and otherwise, changing a macro. You know what the Control is and will be. Runtime is when the macro you just designed, edited, fixed, is ... well, running, but you do not know until then what, or where, the Control will be so you have to capture it on-the-fly.

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