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MexHookx64.dll is hooking SmartGit. Can this be avoided?

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Longtime user of Macro Express.  Currently using Macro Express Pro 6, version, the latest.


My SmartGit crashes after having been up for a while.  Reporting this bug to Syntevo produced this analysis by their developer:

        According to the dump, the only piece of 3rd party code in SmartGit is:
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro 6\mexhookx64.dll

        They recently fixed a "crash in the Menu Builder"

       This sounds super suspicious, as you might understand, now that we're looking for 3rd party code that destroys SmartGit's menu.


I don't need Macro Express to run any macros involving SmartGit.  Is there a way to prevent Macro Express from planting its hooks in smartgit.exe?


I verified using SysInternals' Process Explorer that when Macro Express is NOT running and I start SmartGit, there is no MexHookx64.dll in the running process.  When Macro Express IS running and I start SmartGit, I do see MexHookx64.dll in the running process.  How do I know that?  Process Explorer can show all the DLLs in a running process in the Lower Pane View.  I'm sure your developers are very familiar with Process Explorer.


I need Macro Express to keep its hooks out of the SmartGit.exe program.  How can I control that?





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