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  1. Is it possible to get infomation from a screen shot --------------------- - X - - - - something - - - - like - - this - - - --------------------- I am trying to read text off a screen shot. mbone
  2. Jamess let me know what game and i can see if i can work it out. I have this doing bots and it works wonderful. MBone
  3. i want to make it so that i never loose focus on the current window. as if the text/ini file can be in the background with never having to open it up on the screen to read but in just a process that would do it just like calling a variable from a saved location in the macpro. does this explain, if it dont then that is as basic as i can get as i dont understand it enough to break it down to what i want to ask. thanks john you are on the fast track to getting high ranking on the forum. mbone
  4. i have been looking but i cant seem to figure out how to create the txt file so that i can track the variable string. What i would like to do is create a txt file to track a set of variable and write to it so that i dont have to complete certain steps again. is this an easy task or a very complicated one? mbone
  5. works like a charm, thanks, MBone
  6. yea i was looking at AHK but i know MacPro way better. Thanks MBone
  7. Thanks, I will test it tonight and let you know. Again thanks, i will get to work and it will do what i need it to do. MBone
  8. is there a way that i can create a stand alone program with macro pro, i would like to create gui and exe to do be able to be used by someone that dont have macro pro installed, is this possible or not? thanks Mbone
  9. i changed to not hiding icons a while back, i would grab it at the wrong time and mess up program. <MOVE MOUSE TO TRAY ICON Icon="Macro Express Pro - mouse to tray" Exact="FALSE" Center="TRUE" Left="0" Top="0"/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="5"/> <MOUSE LEFT CLICK/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="5"/> <MOUSE LEFT CLICK/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="5"/> i used this to find it but, i cant get it to work even if i use the selection. any suggestions.
  10. I use this on one of my production computers and Forest moves into different spots depending on what i have running at the time. I missed that one before or i would have address it as it did come across the ways to stop it but that Forest is not always running in the same location. MBone
  11. i just added a time check at the beginning of the overhead macro, and then add another one to break the page that it would be looking at to get info. I will go back later and add a more detail time check later, just wanted to get it up and going now and see if there was a way to do it with a single command. thanks for the helps guys. MBone
  12. I was trying not to go back and add anything to any one of the modules (i build in parts), I think i will just add it to the begining. I just could not find the macro command that i seen before. I upgrade from 3.x to pro and when i did some imports at least one of them added the "stop all other macro command" to the beginning. thanks and i just found it. it was the lock player command, i just could not find one that it was on before. I am going to see about creating around it. Mbone
  13. the problem with xp pro, from the way tested it, seem to be that it would show until you restarted the program and it would like a "new" forest. Correct me if i am wrong but that is the only thing that seem to be steady and it was hit and miss at best. Mbone
  14. i want to use a timed command to stop all macros running. I set up one tonight and use the "macro stop" command but it just runs but have yet to stop anything. is there a way to run the all stop macros and then start again on "time of the day" recap: I want the macro to run non stop until it is told to stop by a scheduled macro. i tried to create "stop macro" at stop running at 0700 (example) and the main macro just kept running. How do i made it stop all active macro and i will start a new macro after i get all to stop. thanks MBone
  15. Thanks, i think i will as a delay in it just to test it out. I have not had the bug in a couple days now. thanks for the advise. Mbone
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