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  1. I don't have much time here but I would like to mention an alternative. After thousands of hours of trying to find boxes and do anything in a web browser with MEP and a mouse, I gave up and learned to do everything by keyboard, mostly using the tab key. Hit the home button and count the number of tabs to the control you want.
  2. There's no magic way to cast a date string to Date/Time. First I'd like to let you know dates are at the core level decimals. 1 = 1 day starting 1/1/1900. But you can also build a date using the method I Described above. Add years, months, days and so forth. Or you can create the values then cast them. First you should parse the string, I'm guessing using the spaces. Remove the commas. A 'Select Case' for the months. January = 1 month. Look at the Split command. That's how I'd start it. However you could also do the math. That so many hours and minutes are fractions of a day. So if the
  3. Check the Help file. Variable Modify Date/Time. In the lower right you can choose to add an amount. So you can add 8 and select the Hour option in the dropdown. If you need to subtract, add a negative. Are you're sure you're UTC +8? If you're like me on the west cost of the USA, it's UTC -8 for PST.
  4. A good idea. You can also use the special "view-source" protocol in the URI. EG: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayday is view-source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayday. I don't know if all browsers support it, but I know Chrome, Edge, and FireFox do.
  5. You shoudl be able to enter your registration information during install just like the first time. If you have a problem contact ISS support and they will help you quickly.
  6. Oh! also you can link actively to a web page in Excel. If you're planning on going to Excel with this data, this is the better option. Go to the Data section of the ribbon bar, then "from web" and follow the wizard.
  7. Another thing: HTML is more complicated, but sometimes there are labels for elements that make it super simple to find what you want. Also if the web page is secure, you might not be able to do it with the GET method.
  8. You can copy the text to your clipboard and process it. Normally a table will come in with tabs between cells that you can parse. Though my prefered way it so use the GET command and process the data out of the HTML.
  9. Many email applications support rules. Gmail even. I use Outlook. I would recommend a user exhaust every opportunity to use the program's capabilities before writing a macro. Since I use an application with this capability, I've never had to write a macro like this so I'll not be participating in your challenge. Just tossing this information out there because many don't realize they already have a way to do this natively.
  10. No need for a macro. Windows Start > Command Prompt. MS Ping reference. You probably want to use \t is memory serves to make the pinging perpetual.
  11. I wouldn't bother creating a macro for which many programs already exist. You could use a monitoring program for instance. I use Net Uptime Monitor. Quire useful. You can also use Windows command program Ping. You can set the number of pings to infinite and control the time between pings. Say have it try every 10 seconds.
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