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  1. No. Sorry. Those are MDI windows. Some apps will allow one to have SDI windows as an option however. Check your settings and documentation. Also look at the program documentation for navigation shortcuts. There may be a way within the program to navigate to the windows you want with keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Maybe see if you are launching too many processes. Maybe an infinite loop in the macro. Might also be that there are more processes running than MEP can enumerate? Yup. Contact ISS. Also it would help to know more about what your macro is doing. And have you tried removing parts and checking to see what part is causing the problem. Are you running MEP on the remote system or are you trying to run MEP through the remote connection from the client machine? Also don't forget that running MEP in a RDP session is often a bad idea. When you disconnect from i
  3. You're welcome. I find them useful for annotation but also for visually organizing my code.
  4. I gave you an example 🙂 In the macro there are two ways to comment. In the macro command or by inserting a comment inline. It's not a command, but you insert and see them like a command. In my example "Line comment" is the comment. It's the second line in the macro. You can read about them in the help file on the page titled "Comment". I use them extensively but given some samples I've seen I think some macro writers might not be aware of it. Sometimes my commend will be a string of "=" to use as a visual divider even. In the future if you want comments to be exported, you might be able
  5. It's like you didn't read my post. Hmff 🙂
  6. I think the OP is speaking of the comments tab in the command. A line comment will export, but one in the command from the "Comment" tab, does not. I don't think there is any intentional method in MEP to get these. Variable Set String %test% to "Test" // Command comment // Line comment Name: test Icon: (Default) Scope: Global <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%test%" Value="Test" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/> <COMMENT Value="Line comment"/>
  7. I would use VBA in Outlook for Exchange mailbox stuff.
  8. Bummer. I can't think of anything else, but if I do, I'll post. It was many things like this that led me away from MEP for web automation. MEP is great for windows apps, but it often is incapable of doing things like this. In order to meet my client's needs I went and learned .NET and have been doing all my web automation that way. Once I got over the learning period, I found that so many things that I struggled with were incredibly simple in .NET. Mostly I communicate directly with the web server with HTTP requests like your web browser issues. All the data you put into forms and
  9. Sorry. I clicked submit accidently. If there is a label to some kind of unique text near the TextBox you desire do a find for it. Ctrl+f > search for term > Escape > tab X times. When you hit excape the found term will be highlighted and the documents cursor position will remain there. So maybe you have a label left of the field you want named "Date of Hire". Find it, escape, it will now be highlighted, and tab once to get into your field. Will that work?
  10. Maybe you could go to the end and tab backward? Controls commands in MEP are for WinForm controls only. In your browser the rendered document is in one large WebBrowser control. Hence the MEP commands are worthless. I do not recommend pixel scanning.
  11. Truncate to Integer also works. There are many ways to do it. But I like acantor's method best. It's essentially like how I woudl use the modulus function in .NET. I also recommend making this a macro you can use as a function with Macro Run. Call it "Is Even" or something and return a Boolean. Anytime I have somehting like this which is an isolated nugget of functionality I make it a small macro I can use anytime as a subroutine or function.
  12. I use the .NET WebBrowser control to make my own automated browsers sometimes. This way it's all a model including the rendered DOM which I can interact with programmatically. I figured if I was going to learn a language, which most web automation tools like iMacros need, I woudl just learn how to do it in .NET and make a proper program. Most of the ones I do I use the HTTPWebRequest/Response objects as rendering the document takes time and the text is modified before rendering to 'fix' common problems. So I just grab the raw HTML and get what I need from it using RegEx. I can even trave
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