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  1. Maybe try closing all macro files and create a macro file without macros. Just a random idea. Edit: Try remove and reinstall.
  2. Report to ISS first. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head What's the frequency? Are you synchronizing? (Preferences > File System> Network tab > Synchronize the macro file Are you backing up? Are you running MEP with elevated permissions? (AKA Run as Administrator)
  3. I appreciate you just want to move on but here are a few thoughts. Either your settings are incorrect or there are security measures preventing transmission. Malware often is used to make your machine a zombie and send spam so it's a common thing that security software will try to block. And some servers are ficicy about being used this way. I tried my Office 365 server and couldn't get it to work with that script. However I do use the .NET SMTPClient class. One reasons i suggested SendPulse is that it's not finicky and often works when I can't get anything else to work. If you want, I'll email you my credentials and you can try it. It is free BTW. SendPulse is not an email service. It offers a few different services for mass mailing mostly, but use of their SMTP servers is one of the services one can use for free if the volume is low. I would be happy to make you a command line program for you. It would only take a few minutes in VB.NET. Or Ican make it a Windows Form you can interact with using controls in MEP. But I think a console app would be cool. I can have it accept your information as command line parameters. Maybe if the message is large, we could point it to a file. Most of my programs use a email/SMS notification feature, so it's easy for me.
  4. This works for me. I used my SendPulse account. SendPulse is free for a limited number of emails. But it's a high number. I use it for many things. You might consider setting up a free account. In any case, just change the values on lines 5-8 for your SMTP server and your to, from, etcetera on lines 12-15. VBScript To Send EMail.vbs
  5. That sounds like your SMTP server settings. GIve me what you have with your password and sensitive stuff redacted and I'll see if it works with my settings.
  6. Why don't you use the MEP email command? If using VBS, I wouldn't use MAPI. I'd use and SMTP.Client object. So I'm not much help in VBS because either I would do it in the MEP email command, or do it in VB.NET. But the SMTPCLient has the ability to send simple messages without having to create a message object. You might check it out. Just looking around in VBScript I see ones like this that look simple enough using CDO.Message. Sorry I can't help you with the profile prompt. I know that's really the answer you're looking for. However if it were me I'd not involve Outlook unless I had a real need to that I couldn't do with one of these classes.
  7. You're welcome. Also there are some online RegEx debuggers for free like this one which I have not tried yet. I use a Windows program RegEx Buddy which I recommend. If you ever want to play with some.
  8. I don't understand exactly, but I think I'd export to text and grab all the variables using RegEx. Make a unique list for each macro. Them it should be obvious which are needed.
  9. Sorry, I don't have time to write the macro for you now. And I think it's better for you to try yourself and learn. I would use space delimiters since they're easy to type. Like my example. I would split the string based on the delimiter into an array. Then I would loop the number of times as there are items in the array. I would then create an output variable and in each iteration add that value with a comma and space or value "and, ". The condition for which would be based on whether we're at the penultimate item in the array. Say there are 7 items in the array. The condition would be "if count - 1"". Oh, and another condition for the last one which would only do the value of course.
  10. A space would work as a delimiter, E.G. "1 2 3 6 9 13 15".
  11. What if they need a 2 digit number? I think they would need to have some delimiter between each value in that case. It makes a difference on how I would approach it.
  12. There is still an option to display the full path in the title bar. F4 will focus the address control and you could do Ctrl+A then clipboard copy. I'm guessing one could use a Macro Control commands also. But it might give the 'pretty' display text of the address control. You could also use the Copy Path command and drop the name of the file or folder selected. You could also fire off the Properties dialog and use the "Location" control.
  13. I didn't say it made sense from a user perspective. I'm just speculating as to how it's that way and further suggesting that it's not really a bug, buty maybe an opportunity for improvement for the use experience. Random mode on an audio playback device isn't random at all. Probably why they started calling it "shuffle". When they started making MP3 players, they offered a random mode and it was truly random. But in the days of limited memory there was often few songs and sometimes a song would repeat. People complained that random mod was broken, but it wasn't. Sometimes when you roll the dice, you get a 6 twice in a row. THey then created a quasi-random mode that was random without repeat. Which isn't random. It wasn't intended to be that way, but technically it was what the consumers wanted. However the consumers didn't understand that what they wanted wasn't random. Anyway, it's just the way it worked out. There was a good reason why songs would repeat sometimes. I'm guessing someone at some point said "I want a modified date" and they implemented it. But the person who requested it didn't realize that the path is part of the macro data and changing it would change the modified date. It probably never crossed their minds back then. I.E. I dont' think it's a bug. There's nothing broken.
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