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  1. You're reading a file line by line then you should be using Text File Process or ASCII File Process. No integers. The number of loops is dictated by the number of lines in the file
  2. This has been covered in detail here in several posts. UWP controls do not function, many operations can't be performed, all due to the fact that they are not WinForms. There is very little MEP can do in UWP apps.
  3. What I often do is make a text box that gets updated and have a 1 second delay so the loop updates the text box every second. When I start, I set a time variable for the desired time in the future. In your case, value a time variable for now then add 10 minutes to it. In the loop, update another time variable with the current time every iteration and compare to the target end time. Then when %Now% is greater than %EndTime%, exit the loop. This method is best if what happens in the loop is time consuming and can vary. But most times I calculate it. 1 second delays and how ever many seconds I need, loop that many times. 600 in this case. There is some time for the macro running, but it's usually minimal and only adds a second or two at the end. And if it's predictable, I'll measure the time it take to iterate 600 times, subtract 10 minutes, and subtract the number of iterations. But this can vary from machine to machine and depending on what the macro is doing. It just depends. If I just want something "about 10 minutes". then this is the quick and dirty way to do it.
  4. I would use the clipboard commands.
  5. Your process is circuitous and confusing. Too early to comprehend without coffee. I don't think there's a command to terminate another running macro. I suggest you re-think your process. I'm thinking perhaps having another macro controlling the others. Look at the Macro Return command. I could see the controlling macro waiting for the other to complete and optionally having the user to return to it. I don't know. Too early. But that might get you headed in the right direction.
  6. OK. Don't forget there are debug features in MEP that might help you detect your problem.
  7. Yes. When you defined the variable there's a box which controls scope. "Make this variable available to macros called by this macro". If that doesn't fix it. I'd suggest creating a simple demonstration macro and post it here for us to look at.
  8. Assuming the text is text and not raster graphic data from a scan, you should be able to select all the text, suck that into a variable in MEP, make a decision, probably using something like "if contains". If the condition warrants a page insertion, then do those steps. Then navigate to the next page(s) and repeat.
  9. You could try to cast to an integer for the numeric check. But that seems inelegant. If it were me, I'd write a sub-macro that evaluates each character and returns a value representing the type that you can use to control your logic.
  10. You can activate a macro by a file coming into existence or changing. Then read all of the file into a variable and see if the text you want exists. Text file process is for a line-by-line process. It doesn't sound like that's what you need. BTW you can also trigger by processes. That might be easier than monitoring the file.
  11. Correct. MEP is not aware of controls in any WebBrowser control. That's the control in the 'form' you call a web browser.
  12. MEP can't recognize controls in a Web browser. The best solution I've found was to tab. All pages will have the same control set as zero and start there. DO a fresh load of the page and count the tabs it takes to get to where you need to go. Also, try to do everything with the keyboard.
  13. Maybe try running the command prompt as an administrator. Maybe try disabling your anti-virus to test.
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