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  1. Cory

    Check Window Title for String

    You might benefit from using the macro command search feature. If you typed "Repeat" or "Window": you probably would have found "Repeat with Windows". Also the help file.
  2. Cory

    Scheduled Macro, Watch The Countdown

    I had a separate multipurpose macro for this I would use as a subroutine. A simple loop with 1 second delay. Update text. I'd pass the parameters like number of seconds, message and so forth. It's slightly more than one second because of the run time of the macro but in testing I found it negligible. I had many cool features of the display as well as the ability to cancel. When the macro is done, your main macro continues. I used it in many macros.
  3. Cory

    Repeat Loop For 30 Seconds

    Sure there is. It's called Repeat Until. Set a time variable value to 30 seconds in the future before the loop begins. Set the time in a second variable in the loop. Then use the "greater than" comparator.
  4. Cory

    Dynamic Menus

    Your welcome
  5. Cory

    Dynamic Menus

    Not easily. There might be a way to create a macro that exports macro information periodically and processes that string data to determine which are scoped to Excel and then manually create the macro text and have it load the text as macro. But I think you would still need to restart the macro. If it could be done it would be very cumbersome and difficult. It would be far less work to simply add the new macro to the popup menu when things change.
  6. Cory

    Summing a converging series

    Terry if you ever need to do some wicked stuff like this I could write you a simple command line program you can command from MEP. Pass in the values as startup parameters and I'll return the result. Easy peasy.
  7. Cory

    Summing a converging series

    I thought of something else a couple days ago. I'm sure this is over but I'll put this here for future reference. One can also launch Windows Calculator and using controls do calculations.
  8. Cory

    Dynamically Control Macro Playback Speed

    A macro will not listen for keystrokes like I think you're hoping for. So you will need to do something like what rberg is suggesting. I would use the registry instead of a file. Also the arrow keys are used in applications which is a conflict. You can help reduce this problem by scoping the second speed control macro to that application or the macro. You might want to use the angle brackets or something like that in combination with a modifier key like the Ctrl. Ctrl+< for down and Ctrl+> for up. Something like that. And I would have them simply enter the text "Up"" or "Down" in your registry value. Make your macro use a variable for delays or speed values. Then, as rberg said, put several catches in your macro that look at that key. If it "Up" appears have it decrease the value (faster) and write blank text back to the registry.
  9. Cory

    macro with a list

    I would use a loop with two arrays. One would be Input and the other Response. The index of each input would correspond to a response. Start with a pointer of 1 and go up to the number of elements in the array. When the %answer[1]% matches an Input value then use that same index to type out the corresponding response. You can populate these arrays in the macro if you don't want an external file.
  10. Cory

    Summing a converging series

    That would be a fun one to do but I don't have time. But in order to do trig, doesn't one need values tables? https://www.w3schools.com/asp/func_sin.asp Could use an external script also. Have you tried using a math web API? I was looking at one here where you do a GET request to http://api.mathjs.org/v4/?expr=2*(7-3) and if respond with plain text "8". Very fast. It must be URL encoded but they have a little tester you can build your expression with.
  11. BTW this shortcut is slow for me. On my system it was first over 5 seconds, not it's typically 3 seconds. Not instant. But it might be something with my system.
  12. Ha! That works! I had forgotten about the system macros. Thanks Samrae! To finish Samrae's sentence, it's in the Categories pane of the MEP Explorer. Right above the list of your open files.
  13. Did you read this post?
  14. There's no MEP macro command to do it... I checked all the command line switches. I tried adding a shortcut key to the Windows shortcut. I tried to hide the window thinking you could leave it open and simple hide or un-hide it. But that leaves an icon in the task bar. I can't think of any way to getting to it without using the system notification area.
  15. Cory

    Copy macro and its activation

    Good luck.
  16. Cory

    Copy macro and its activation

    I don't know about iOS, not a fan of the Apple world, but you can install Cortana on your smartphone. You can even respond to text messages on your computer and many more things. Forgot that file at home on your PC? Have Cortana get it form your PC. I see the Cortana app is available in the Apple store. There may be a way to extend Siri into Win10 too. And Google Assistant I think works on all platforms. Surely such an advanced company as Apple has considered it's users that also have PCs and have something for you. Google and Windows have. I know I get all my Google reminders on my workstation, laptop, phone, and tablet. Oh! here's one now. Time to preheat the oven for dinner. What you want is not a unique idea. It has been done on almost every platform. Do the research and see which works best for you. I'll bet you a 6 pack of beer it can be done with what already exists.
  17. Cory

    Copy macro and its activation

    Oh, and I think Google Assistant is available on iOS devices.
  18. Cory

    Copy macro and its activation

    Siri/Cortana/OK Google. 😉 It took me a long time to adopt. But it's so nice to be able to say "Remind me to check the sprinklers this afternoon" and it just does it. Or "Remind me when I go to the store next time to get milk".
  19. Cory

    Conflicts with Google Earth?

    I don't use it in GEP. Do you have a macro that can reproduce a failure or is it random?
  20. I prefer to use an external script or program to get the source of a web page but if you prefer to CTRL+A and copy from the browser window (or use the control method) you can do so directly in Chrome. Simply prefix your URI with "view-source:" E.G. "view-source:http://bluepointdesign.com". Edge and Internet Explorer do not support this convention. I've only verified this works in Chrome and FireFox.
  21. Cory

    MEP toolbar problem

    I didn't follow everything you were doing in the registry but I had a thought. How about you export the entire key-set for MEP HKCU and HKLM to a .REG file, make a small change to the position, and export it again. Then do a file compare to see what changed. Or better yet, use Process Explorer to monitor for registry changes.
  22. Cory

    MEP toolbar problem

    How about running as admin, moving them, and closing MEP?
  23. Cory

    Macros deploying twice

    This is what I was saying. In MEP one can have multiple macro files open. Each macro file contains a number of macros. Sometimes people accidentally duplicate a file and end up with both open at the same time.
  24. Cory

    Macros deploying twice

    In Explorer highlight the first macro file, then try File > Export > Output Macro Activation... Select Activation and name. Open the text file and look if there are any duplicated. Do this for all open macro files.
  25. Cory

    Macros deploying twice

    Close all your macro files. Create a new one. Import that one macro from the previous file and see if the problem goes away. If it does, it's another macro, possibly in another file. Do binary isolation troubleshooting util you identify which is the culprit.