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  1. acantor

    Copy macro and its activation

    Hi Terry, I developed a script that cloned a template macro, opened the clone, modified it, and then created folders in Windows Explorer and Outlook. The project began when I noticed that I was spending an inordinate amount of time copying a template macro, manually adjusting it, and then setting up folders. I was motivated to automate the process, as the process took four or five minutes manually, and was boring and error-prone. The script turned into a major undertaking. It was exceedingly complex: the script mostly manipulated the Macro Express user interface to copy a macro, rename it, open it, and modify it. I spent weeks tweaking before the script became reliable enough to be useful. To keep it humming, I needed to stick to strict naming conventions in Macro Express, Windows Explorer, and Microsoft Outlook. The macro executed in about 30 seconds, so eight or ten times faster than performing the steps manually. So there were significant time and energy savings. Back to your question... it's probably do-able by creating a MEP script to manipulate the MEP user interface. But it may take persistence to get the script to work reliably.
  2. acantor

    MEP toolbar problem

    You might want to report the issue to Insight. I discovered some inconsistencies with the toolbars and menus in the latest release of MEP, which I reported. Insight worked with me on the problem, confirmed there was something amiss, and provided me with a workaround, which has worked ever since.
  3. acantor

    Using <Ctrl>G in Excel to Goto Label

    I'm with Cory. I rarely find wrap key presses with up and down modifiers, and my MEP scripts generally work as expected. The only time I have noticed that up and down modifiers make a difference is when I uncheck "Wait for the hotkey to be released before activating." But I find MEP scripts that are activated upon hotkey press are flaky and unreliable. So I rarely use this feature.
  4. acantor

    Macros deploying twice

  5. acantor

    win key not working

    Congratulations on finding a bug. Will you file a bug report? Here is a workaround, which works for me: Instead of Text Type <WIN>, substitute Text Type <CONTROL><ESC>. Ctrl+Esc has been the non-Windows key way to invoke the Start menu since Windows 95. It works in Windows 7, I think I have tried it in Windows 10, but I am not sure about Windows 8.
  6. acantor

    Macros deploying twice

    Idea 1: Perhaps you also created an AutoCorrect entry "we-" in an Office application: Word, Outlook, Excel and so on. Try running your macro in Notepad, which lacks AutoCorrect. If your MEP script works as expected in Notepad, but outputs twice in Word or Outlook, you may be dealing with an errant AutoCorrect entry. Idea 2: Are you using any other macro scripting tools, such as AutoCorrect, AutoIT, etc.?
  7. acantor

    Using <Ctrl>G in Excel to Goto Label

    My guess is that Excel does not have focus when you activate the Popup menu item. If that's the case, Excel is not receiving the key combination.
  8. acantor

    win key not working

    I am also noticing something unusual about assigning the Win key in ME Pro: Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <WIN> After running the command that includes this statement, nothing seems to happen. But then I press a key that includes <WIN> as a modifier. For example, when I press "D" or "P" the computer responds as though I had pressed <WIN>d (minimize all windows and show the desktop) or <WIN>p (display options). It would be interested to find out what happens with <WIN DOWN> and <WIN UP> At any rate, this behaviour is not as expected. You may have discovered a bug, so submit a report to the good folks at Insight Software!
  9. acantor

    Simple one-off alarm fails

    Could be a Windows 10 issue. There are no shortage of those! I'm using Windows 7 Pro.
  10. acantor

    "or" clause in color search

    I don't think so. But that may be a blessing in disguise. I avoid "REPEAT UNTIL" because I've had too many experiences of freezes when the condition, for whatever reason, cannot be met. But you can test for two or more conditions using IF statements. My approach is to use a "failsafe" to exit the loop if the condition is not met within a reasonable number of iterations. For example, if I am checking pixel colours along a horizontal line, the failsafe value might be the width of the screen as measured in pixels. In pseudocode: // Check each pixel along (x, 100) for Colour = 11111 or Colour = 22222 Failsafe = 1200 x = 0 y = 100 Repeat Failsafe Times Colour = Pixel Color at (x, y) If Colour = 11111 OR If Colour = 22222 // Pixel has been found! ... Macro Stop Else x = x + 1 Repeat End // Pixel not found!
  11. acantor

    Simple one-off alarm fails

    I tried it using Beeps instead of sound files, and it worked, although the macro did not trigger until five or ten seconds after the run time.
  12. acantor

    Scripts not recognized in Word 2016

    Running Macro Express as an Administrator worked!
  13. acantor

    Scripts not recognized in Word 2016

    Update 1: I thought this might be a Microsoft Office issue, but the macros work fine in PowerPoint. Update 2: When the Macro Express hotkey is the same as a Word hotkey, the Word hotkey works. Usually the opposite is true: Windows "sees" Macro Express hotkeys first. Samrae, I will try your suggestion.
  14. I am developing Macro Express Pro scripts to run in Microsoft Word on a Windows 10 machine. Although the scope of my scripts are set to Global, my hotkey and shortkey macros are not activating while I am in Word. The scripts are activating fine in every other program. Changing the scope to Word doesn't help. Any thoughts on what might be blocking scripts from activating while I am in Word?
  15. acantor

    Tips for beginners

    I have taught many hands-on Macro Express courses, but none are currently scheduled. Most courses were hosted by my professional association, RESNA, and took place at its annual conference. So your best option to learn Macro Express is to apply the dual strategy used by many on this forum: 1. Learn Macro Express through trial-and-error experimentation. 2. Don't hesitate to ask questions on this forum! There are no shortcuts to learning a program like Macro Express. It's a sophisticated tool – it takes time and effort to get a handle on its complexities. Fortunately, the Help screens in Macro Express are actually helpful… perhaps the best of all of the scripting tools.