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  1. Is there a way to modify the system tray icon right-click menu, like in the registry? or can you only change the picture? I'd like to remove most of the options in there, and insert my own options to help users.
  2. I guess I should be a little more clear on what I am trying to accomplish... Macro Express was decided by management above me to disallow anyone from using the editor in fear they would waste time trying to write their own macros instead of just doing their jobs. I wrote a macro that writes macros.... yeah... I know. All it does is generate a shortkeys style macro, as each individual will have their own way of typing things, it's not possible to write this into a macro myself, managing all the users personal scripts would be impossible and impractical. I'm basically trying to find a way to allow people to very easily make a shortkey script, but be able to import it into macro express without the editor. Hope this makes sense..
  3. Never mind, I found it Set %T1% to ascii code 8 Send test %T1% to control %C1% <ASCIIC:1:1:8><TEXTTYPECT:1:%T1%> Notes: code 127 (the original rub-out code) doesn't work, it must be ascii code 8. Unfortunately I'm finding that not all applications recognize the field as being blank when using this method, as it still contains the "backspace" character.
  4. No registry value can do that. It can't even be done via windows scripting host. Very simple through VB or C++ though. of course you'd have to compile an EXE and distribute it just to hide/unhide the cursor. Might want to resarch if it might be possible to write a .js to do it.... I'm not sure.
  5. This is what we already do, and works great. I have an "auto update" macro that runs after 3 hours of inactivity.... a macro to update a macro But this isn't what I'm looking for unfortunately. Any other suggestions? is the editor still installed but just disabled? would there be a way to temporarily enable macro express editor to import, then disable again?
  6. Any way for a Macro file (mex or mxe) to be imported into the currently used macro file when the user does not have the editor installed? If I need to write a macro to import the macro, that's fine. Don't really care how it's done, just as long as the user doesn't need to reinstall macro express with the editor. Thanks!
  7. not exactly able to refresh the temp folder because what you see is not what's really on the harddrive, if you browse through DOS you'll see it's actually a bunch of random folder names with no files inside. I've found that extracting this data is not possible through simple scripting (vbs) but requires manipulating the windows shell commands through a real programming language like C++ Even then it's fairly undocumented, not reccomended, and difficult. Dropping the idea, we may be dumping macro express soon and moving on to iMacros Thanks for the input anyway.
  8. Can't think of how to get this to work, if I send text to control, any keystrokes are interpretted literally, so <shiftd>h<shiftu>i would come out as "<shiftd>h<shiftu>i" not "Hi" I'm trying to send the delete key to a control... how do I do this? I could set focus to Control, then type Delete, however this particular app will pop-up other windows on top, I've been running it like this for months, have had really really bad things happen when it hits "delete" on the wrong window.
  9. It's never am issue with the same PC, the individual PC runs at relatively the same speed regardless of where it is or what it's doing. This seems to be entirely an issue with the way ME calculates delays, it's incredibly inaccurate at this point
  10. While I agree that no computer is completely identical, you would assume that a PC that is identical on paper would not have such drastic differences. I really believe this is an issue beyond simple manufacturing variance etc.... Just to give you an example, a macro that types "tab" 20 times will work in 1 second on one PC, yet take 8 on another. It's supposed to take 8 seconds. How is it that one PC is so drastically different with the exact same specs as 20 other pc's? Good suggestion, I'll look into it. In answer to your question, everything in computing is progressive, but in all reality there is no way to distinguish this as the clipboard will not be available until it's finished with it's initial task of being filled... so really it is all or nothing.
  11. wget downloads the page, I already do this, this is not what I'm looking for.
  12. I've been working around issues with timing for quite some time now, I need to know at this point what the root cause of the issue is. Everyone is using the same coreload on virtually identical systems. There are 30 people using the same macros, about 10 of them right now have issues. The macros run at completely different speeds on different machines, when tabbing through a webpage, it will blast through and skip over the fields it needs to copy to the clipboard. I have forced the configuration to slow down default timing to 300micros for keypress, and 300milis for clipboard I've turned off the high speed timer on all the pc's also, as it was even worse with it on. IE7 Firefox, whatever, doesn't matter what browser, the issue is the macro will run way to fast on these pc's. and if I slow it down any more than it already is, then it gets very annoying for the people that it already works for. Why does macro express run differently on different pcs?
  13. Thanks for looking, but I think you might have skipped over the first line in my original post Unfortunately this is what I am already doing with an MSXML object. I want to AVOID downloading the page, as this is very time consuming (several macros run for minutes, not seconds) I also posted this question in a vb/vbs forum, but so far all I've got are crickets edit: If needed, would it be possible to move this to the 3rd party forum? I realize this isn't going to be possible in ME natively
  14. Yes, this is what I'm doing, see post #8 above http://pgmacros.invisionzone.com/index.php...ost&p=11872
  15. Looked perfect. Except when I enter the filename into the dialoge box, it says it cannot find it.... because it's trying to open an existing file. For right now, I've got a series of commands like this: <TVAR2:01:01:contents of file here><TVAR2:02:10:Select where you want to save this><TVAR2:03:02:FEnter a file nameFFCenter:Center><TVAR2:04:01:txt><TMVAR2:17:01:00:000:000:%T2%\%T3%.%T4%F> Still not ideal, but much more useable. If there's any way we can get yours working Kevin, that would be fantastic. rberq: I know, already there. Had to explain scope creep to another colleague requesting something because "I'm right there anyway"
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