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  1. Here Alan: http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/topic51020.html&highlight=web+javascript Autothotkey can do it all. You can process anything even if the webpage is invisible!!! You can click, dropdown, delete text, add text, etc. all with IE invisible to the eye. Pat
  2. Check out http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands.htm URLDownLoadtoFile. This might not work when the URL is the same. Try it out and let me know. I have the script that will work no matter the page and you don't have to tolerate that text file opening up to see the html. I even have the script to convert it to text stripping the code. Let me know if you might need it and I will send it to you. Pat
  3. Plus Cory, even the Get Control is very deceptive with MacroExpressPro. You can't send mouse clicks to a hidden control. In other words, suppose a form is minimized and you want to send a click to the control in the minimized state, IT CAN"T BE DONE. The only thing MEPro can do is send text and capture text in a minimized control but only if it's a program NOT the internet. There is no 100% automation available with MEPro without having to have forms open and interfering with work to be done. Grant it, it has sped up my work and has gotten pretty darn good reviews from my bosses, but they don't know its SEVERE limitations. Imagine a fully complete MEPro program where it can pass text to and from minimized forms and a minimized Internet instance(s) and click on buttons/links etc all minimized with the extra invisible mouse pointer for the Internet controls that can click anything to move the Internet= along to the next screen all without it being active. Can you send text to a text field on an internet page minimized with ME Pro? hardly. Can you send a click or a hotkey like ALT+C to a minimized form with MEPro? Nope. This is the point. For the money being paid, it should do much much more. Anyway, my 2 cents. Pat
  4. Cory, since Macro express lacks some advancements on how to automate websites, one has to depend on tabbing and pixel colors and clicks. I can't believe how far advanced AutoHotkey is versus MEPro, but there is a learning curve I don't have right now. Believe me I have been dabbling with it and it is beyond unbelievable how things can be automated with autohotkey. It's free. You can't mouse click on control for IE with MEPro. With Get Control/launch utility, the internet page is one big control with MEPro. You have to A) have the website visible and activated. Something which autohotkey does not require and 2)You have to tab or find pixels- screen has to visible 3) To click with autohotkey, they have incorporated COM and javascript(which ME can do), but it has to be visible. So, what's the point? Well, unless I have a virtual machine, I am stuck having to watch macros process and wait until they are done before I can wrest the mouse away from the process. if I did, it sometimes upsets the macro progress and folis everything. With AutoHotkey, it's done beautifully even with the window minimized and the Website running minimized. It does it with a secondary mouse pointer that can trigger the action with an extra mouse pointer. My point is, maybe MEPRo can be "Like Mike" and create another mouse pointer that can do work independent and seaprate from the mouse I am using. Insight- "Be Like Mike" Pat
  5. Alan, Thanks for the fast reply. What I really meant to say was Insight should create within Macro Express Pro another mouse pointer, that moves and clicks as an invisible mouse pointer totally independent of what the real mouse is doing. I actually cannot believe that this has not been requested and done something with. Let's say I have two screens (or three for that matter)and I want one of them to process macros and the other i want to work on other things. Well, if my macro is mouse movement and mouse click intensive, there is no way I can simultaneouly work while the macro is processing. Grant it, this program has saved me a lot of time, but really, this needs to be added. Javascript uses .pwb to click on elements of a website independent of what the mouse is doing. Are you telling me insight cannot make something to really free us up? If there any alternatives, let me know. This is pretty disheartening. Pat
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way of clicking on an area of the screen without having to move the mouse around to the area to click it? In other words, I am not particularly fond of having the mouse move around the screen all the time and was wondering if there is such a thing as an invisible pointer mouse click. or a best practice? Pat
  7. Also, if you don't use the Test Run, Step Over and Step into, you'll never get to see the variables in the Show Variable Value Screen. If I am using, for example, a mouse click Activation, there is no way to see if the variables are working right. It won't show in the Show Variable Value Screen unless one uses Test Run. But then how can you use Test Run when the click has to be in a certain area of the screen? I know, put it in the script. I TRIED THAT. The macro above had a mouse click in it's original script, but for some unknown reason, when I click on the Microsoft Inbox SUPERGRID listbox, it clicks it twice not once(using the TEST RUN). Normally, when I click on the Outlook Listbox Control, it gets highlighted, but the Macro Command left mouse click actually opens the email not highlight it/CTRL+C which means it is double clicking it during testing. What? This program was released way too early and not enough time was taken to test this thing out. Insight should have an additional feature when testing that an invisible mouse pointer clicks the specific area without using the real mouse. in fact, it should be available as a feature in MEP itself Pat
  8. <COMMENT Value="Set Tab"/> <VARIABLE SET TO ASCII CHAR Value="9" Destination="%T[94]%"/> <COMMENT Value="SET CRLF"/> <VARIABLE SET TO ASCII CHAR Value="13" Destination="%T[95]%"/> <VARIABLE SET TO ASCII CHAR Value="10" Destination="%T[96]%"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%T[95]%" Value="%T[95]%%T[96]%" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="1.25"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<CTRLD>c<CTRLU>"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x02" Destination="%OutlookListClickCopy1%"/> <CLIPBOARD SAVE TEXT Filename="C:\\Documents and Settings\\pgennarelli\\Desktop\\OutlooktoClipboardText-Refresh.txt" Prompt="FALSE"/> <DELAY Flags="\x02" Time="500"/> <TEXT FILE BEGIN PROCESS Filename="C:\\Documents and Settings\\pgennarelli\\Desktop\\OutlooktoClipboardText-Refresh.txt" Start_Record="2" Process_All="FALSE" Records="1" Variable="%OutlookListClickCopy1%"/> <SPLIT STRING Source="%OutlookListClickCopy1%" SplitChar="%T[94]%" Dest="%T%" Index="1"/> <TEXT FILE END PROCESS/> The DEBUG-SHOW VALUES will not show Line #9 in the Debug Show Variable Value Screen. I get so tired of this program sometimes. Enough to throw it against the wall. Why will this not show on the debug screen?
  9. Hello all. Since I am spinning my wheels trying to automate my desktop at work because any interuption of a macro will wipe out its progress and force me to start over, I am looking ata virtual machine to automate. The question I have is when the setup process asks to install the WinXP Pro disc again, do I need the original XP setup disc that came alog wth the computer? Pat
  10. I raise my hand! I also have problems with <Enter> in the Keyboard/text type. Pat
  11. I really wish there there was a magic bullet that if anything interrupts the progression of the script that the macro would pause and after a designated time, resume what it was doing.
  12. Well, I cannot run the macro on the server. I can only run it from the desktop looking in. This is a pickle. The reason it's a pickle, is because it easily works when there is one size screen by using mouse coordinates and clicks and pixels to find your way around. A mojority of the keyboard and hotkeys are disabled. The pickle is when the macro is run on one size screen and then another size some other time. Now I see we have Variable set Integer from screen height, width, current window left, height, width, monitor height, width, desktop height, width. What I am trying to do is this: If I choose a point on the screen/window when using remote desktop with a specific size screen and then someday use this macro on a wider screen, the mouse coordinates for each screen will be completely different and clicking on one screen will not translate to the same relative location on the larger screen. I am assuming this is correct? I have not experimented to see how this works. Can someone educate me if I am wrong? What happens when a Maximized window is maximized with a larger screen? How can a macro track EACH specific coordinate so the mouse click nails the location/coordinate chosen on one type of screen(using remote desktop) every time no matter the size of the screen/window? Happy New Year! Pat
  13. Thanks Cory, Before I started this thread, I tried all options. It did not work even using my own email address. I tried it 10x's. I tried www.yahoo.com with a port of 25. I tried plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com with a 465 port. I tried a lot of things. It doesn't work. I am not trying to use my email as Spam. I am trying to automate at work that does use Microsoft Exchange MAPI. We have multiple email addresses because we contract with many different companies. I know I would have to use MAPI at work. I am just trying to work an example to see how it could work at home. You also said: Why? How is this done? Is this something manual? Pat
  14. I am getting an error on sending any email: I am not able to get the "Email Send" Preferences set up right to send email. I need your assistance please. In the host line, I have Yahoo.com In the port line, I have 465 (since I have yahoo Plus via Outlook) I have the SMTP checked and My user name and password is the same as I have in Outlook I have in Email Address my name and email address(when I choose to use my email, but would change if I use any other email address) The error I am getting Line 1: Debug error: The message could not be sent Pat
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