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  1. Thanks Alan, appreciate your offer, although as I don’t use Outlook I’ll pass. If/when I get more time on MX Pro I’ll try a few examples myself, using your suggested approach.
  2. Hi Alan, Interesting post, thanks. I’ve used Controls very little, never having developed much confidence in their consistency. Are you saying that making Title identical to Caption improves or even fully resolves that issue? It naturally raises the question of potential adverse effects, as presumably the two fields are intentionally distinct? I suspect I haven’t fully understood your recommendation. Perhaps you could give an example or two? Terry
  3. Hi Alan, “analyze an email message and decide what to do with it based on its sender, subject, or whatever.” It would need to be a very clever macro, incorporating the latest in AI and a LOT of input from you! If you do write such a macro, I wonder how confident you will be in handing over control of your Inbox? Terry
  4. Perhaps consider starting a main macro and during that start another macro (a ‘submacro’), at the appropriate time and location, using the Mouse Button Down command. And stopping it with Mouse Button Up.
  5. Hi Ken, Puzzling indeed that this has arisen out of the blue. Can you recall anything of possible relevance that you changed? In addition to Cory's suggestion could you temporarily change your global settings to use a prefix. Ideally '=', so that my own hundred or so shortkey-activated macros are unaffected if I try to reproduce. Terry
  6. We need more information. At the very least show your script and your code, both using the Code tool <>.
  7. (Once again a post I made hours ago, successfully, seems to have vanished. I’ll try again. Apologies if it turns up twice.) No and no. Instead think in terms of starting macro X and then after a very brief interval starting macro Y.
  8. Thanks, I’ll pursue. That looks like a serious bug if it’s general, as macros should be entirely independent, yes?
  9. Not even rebooting improved it. But I’ve been able to fix it for many of these macros by using the clipboard paste option instead of simulating keystrokes.
  10. Thanks for the feedback and all suggestions. Cory: Settings confirm my OS is “up to date”. As I’m sure you know, unlike regular application programs, OS versions are not under users control (apart from delaying the next one for a time).The ‘latest’ varies by country and PC spec. So I cannot force MS to update my version to 2004, if that was your implication.
  11. Have any other Win 10 users noticed that keystrokes and mouse moves have become significantly slower since a few days ago? It's most noticeable in my scores of shortkey-activated macros, which type my frequently used filenames and paths, but also with mouse moves. When time allows I'll examine each of them for editing possibilities. I suspect it's just another quirky consequence of the latest Win 10 update. Terry Win 10 Pro, Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.1016)
  12. Your lines 6 and 9 are not the same as those in my macro. Read up on arrays and try the simple examples in Help. X is the ‘index’ defining the element of the array variable. When you first define the variable take care to specify that it is an array.
  13. I'd checked that, which reports: "Version 6.1.3 1 Macro Express Pro is up to date" Looks like I'm several versions behind you, Alan. Yet as well as that reassuring message, the Insight Download site also confirms as the latest. Can we no longer expect Insight input into this forum announcing updates?
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