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  1. I'm attempting to have micro express rename a JPEG file. Current file name test.jpg, I want to add CR to the end of the name of file name test. testCR.jpg <WINDOW ACTIVATE Title="*.jpg" Exact_Match="FALSE" Wildcards="TRUE" _IGNORE="0x0006"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<CTRLD><SHIFTD>"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="S"/> <DELAY Flags="\x02" Time="1000"/> what I am trying to do is insert the 2 letters CR at the end of the file name before the .jpg this works fine but when I get to the point where I need to move to the end of the file extension, and then arrow left for spaces then I want to enter the 2 letters CR. What's happening as soon as the command text equals S executes the JPEG file is in the file save as mode. With the file name highlighted. The problem I am encountering as soon as I do the next line that says arrow right that would take me to the outside of the file extension JPG, the text in the JPEG file becomes on highlighted and micro-express seems to go into never never land. The way I can get it back is to do a Ctrl-Alt-Del and then cancel and then I can get control again and cancel the step-by-step test run that I am doing. When I try to move to the end of the highlighted filename so I can arrow back for spaces and add CR. All I'm trying to do is add the CRat the end of the file name before the .jpg. <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<ARROW RIGHT>"/> <DELAY Flags="\x02" Time="1000"/>
  2. ME Pro W 7 pro 64x, have used ME since 1988. I use cascading menus, I have just added an entry to my 'start programs' menu and the keys assigned to the macros start at A and go down the alphabet to Z. This new added macro, I would like to place 5th from the top, the problem is for some reason the letter A is being used over again, even though it's in the fifth-place, and it's already been used at the top in 1st place. How can I make the keyboard designators re-sort themselves so there will not be duplicates as are are now, and they will go from A-Z? I have included an image of the menu. Thanks for your help .... Gary
  3. Kevin, I did as you suggested. The 'dunk' sound is because the underlying program askSam I am running in, does not accept the keystroke Alt K. I have a Main menu that calls other menus, the keystroke K is the menu selection I am making on the keyboard while in the 'main menu'. The problem, when the primary menu is called "M" is the location of the macro I must use, if I click on the "M" selection with the mouse, no problem. If I press the "M" key corresponding to the selection I need from the menu on the screen, Macro Express does not capture the SINGLE KEYSTROKE (required by the menu) "M" keystroke and dispose of it, it allow the underlying program to 'see' it, hence the 'dunk' sound. This seem like an elementary need for ME to isolate the underlying program from 'seeing' what ever SINGLE KEYSTROKE required by the menu, as all menu selections are single keystrokes. ME should remove that keystroke from the buffer and not allow it to be 'seen' by the underlying program. PLEASE FIX THIS AS IT IS REALLY ANNOYING.
  4. This sound is not occuring when I play a macro. My primary menu starts with Alt K, at this time macros AND menus are possible selections. If I choose a MENU selection (not a macro) by pressing the key displayed in the menu matrix, displayed by ME, I get the disired menu and the 'dunk' sound. When I select the exact same selection using the mouse, there is no noise, just the expected next menu. The noise is the difference between using the keyboard and the mouse. When a ME menu is displayed on the screen, a keystroke issued to choose a menu item should be handled by ME, and the 'dunk' seems to indicate that ME IS NOT intercepting the keystroke but allowing it to be seen by an underlying program. How does the underlying program I am working in know what key I pressed if ME is correctly INTERCEPTING and DISPOSING of the keystroke as an action of menu selection? As I stated before it seems to me that ME is NOT properly handling the keystroke used in menu interaction.
  5. I am using a primary menu Alt K to bring up a selection of other menus, the unwanted 'dunk' comes when selecting the second menu while in the Alt K menu. As these are menu selections I see no way to impliment "Audio Mute and Audio Unmute" while calling the next menu, as it is not actually a macro but a menu selection. Any other suggestions?
  6. None of the menu selections I have mentions involve the enter key. G Aksland
  7. Thank you both for your suggestions ..... Turning off the sound would be a possibility, but it may be associated with somthing I need the sound on for. I would prefer to find out why ME only does the 'dunk' sound when selecting the next menu using the keyboard, if the mouse is used there is no noise. When I select my 'master' menu there is no noise and I am using the keyboard to select it. Some of the other next menus do not make the sound. It would seem it is a problem with ME itself, as there are really no options when creating a menu that I can find to change anything that might be causing the 'dunk' noise. It's like ME is leaving the key I pressed in the keyboard buffer after the menu selection has been performed, and the program I am using ME in, that keystroke is not allowed. I feel it is a problem inherent inside of ME. I have called tech support and I have been told "we will forward this to our programming team", but I have never heard back. ME should be intercepting that keystroke using to select the 'next' menu selection, removing it from the keyboard buffer, after the keyboard selection is made, then windows would not be aware of it, and wouldn't respond with that annoying 'dunk'.
  8. I use cascading menus. From the primary I can select others. If I select the next desired menu using the mouse on the drop down menu, the next menu is displayed. If I use the keyboard and pick the menu from the drop down list with a keystroke, I receive a 'dunk' windows sound, and the menu is selected. This is very annoying as I need the speaker on. Using the mouse to select, no problem, using the keyboard I get the 'dunk' windows sound. any ideas how I get around this problem. Hopefully G Aksland
  9. Iceman, Thanks for the input, the zipped file solved the problem, I will let you know how it works. Gary
  10. Iceman, Thanks for your input, but I can't get the clipmate.mex file to save I only get an HTML open. You will notice alot of downloads, I tried every way I could think of but still opens as HTML file and I can't save it to .mex. Any Ideas? Gary
  11. The followinig macro allow me to switch from the existing app to ClipMate and navagate up 'u'and down 'n' till I reach the desired clip then enter 'd' to leave loop and return to the original app and paste clip. The way the Var Set String xx from Prompt works it expect the user to indicate when the string entry is complete. Is there a way for ME to only wait for one keystroke and move on through the loop w/o having to press 'enter' after the string entry? This would allow me to navagate the clipboard selections w/o taking my hands from the keyboard to press the up arrow and down arrow keys as I have to do now. Being able to enter a Variable Set String from only one keystroke would open up many handy scenerios for quick computer control, and navagation while keeping ones hands on the keyboard, adding to the usefulness of ME in many control scnerios. Variable Set String %T2% from Window Title Delay 800 Milliseconds Activate Window: "ClipMate Explorer [inBox]" Delay 800 Milliseconds Repeat Until %T1% = "d" Variable Set String %T1% from Prompt \\ If this would have a state where it would only accept 1 key stroke and move on w/o waiting for user to select OK, it would greatly inhance the flexability of ME. This macro is not practical due to having to press enter after each control character. But being able to only enter one char and process would be lightning fast and useful.y If Variable %T1% = "u" Text Type: <ARROW UP> Else If Variable %T1% = "n" Text Type: <ARROW DOWN> Else End If End If Repeat End Activate Window: "%T2%" Delay 800 Milliseconds Clipboard Paste
  12. I have a main menu I call with the Alt K, from there I have other menus to branch to. Especially after re booting windows xp pro SP2, I notice I call the main menu, and then press the key for the next menu. At this time I get the 'beep' that the menu is not accepting the keystroke and has lost focus. Sometimes if I press escape and cancel the first menu and call it again it will be OK. It is a menu focus problem. After calling the menu several times after re booting it may be ok, but not always. How can I ensure the first menu call dosn't get prempted by some other windows process before I can enter the next keystroke? G Aksland
  13. I am trying to create a macro which will repeat a keystroke until I release the key. I havn't been able to figure out how to use a loop to poll the keyboard status to detremine if the key I am trying to repeat is depressed or not. Is this possible? G Aksland
  14. Hi Randall, That worked like a charm after changing the window names. Do you use the "The First Book About Macro Express ", I was considering it. The Wait for window is definatly the way to go. I have owned ME for about 8 years, reading this forum really helps with the programming concepts. Thanks so much for your input Gary
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