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  1. Arrow down > home indeed, also there is a command in Excel for 'go to' a certain cell. Keyboard shortcuts are going to be your best friend when using ME with Excel. I recommend anyone using the two brush up on their shortcuts.... From http://www.rnib.org.uk/xpedio/groups/publi...rnib003503.hcsp Navigating Description Shortcut Key Move to next cell in row Tab Move to previous cell in row Shift + Tab Up one screen Page Up Down one screen Page Down Move to next worksheet Ctrl + Page Down Move to previous worksheet
  2. Hey there Guys, Steve, how about this, using convert integer to string and if/contains? Oh I guess I didn't really notice [page 2] I thought this was still not responded to from a previous post. Oh well, was fun to have a go at it! CONCEPT only!!! Totally untested: Repeat Until %T3% = "forever" // add one to count Variable Modify Integer: %N2% = %N2% + 1 // repeat until we pull a variable that doesnt match // using repeat until as a looping 'if contains' Repeat Until %T10% Does not contain %T1% // get a number Variable Set Integer %N1% with a Random Nu
  3. Window Minimize: "Macro Express" <WMIN:Macro Express>
  4. http://pgmacros.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3337
  5. This has worked great for me for clipboard speed. As far as I know this is the fastest that it could possibly be because as soon as it has data it will stop: Repeat Until %T1% <> "" Clipboard Copy Variable Set String %T1% from Clipboard Repeat End
  6. Hello, I imported macros from someone else which are password protected. I want to delete these macros from my mex file but it will not allow me to without entering the password. I do not know the password. How can I delete the macros? Why is this behavior even in place? Thanks!
  7. why wont it parse them whyyyy whyyy :wacko: Who knew macro express was this powerful, I managed to write a macro that automatically drives me crazy whenever I run it.
  8. It seems to work for some things and not others, specifically, for this macro <TVAR2:40:01:Kevin%20Heaton><TVAR2:41:01:help%20with%20everything><TVAR2:42:01:Clarify%20Number:%20%25T1%25Trio%20Number:%20%25T15%25Case%20Title:%20%25T11%25%0dContact%20Name:%20%25T9%25%20%25T10%25%0dContact%20Phone%20Number:%20%25T20%25%0dContact%20Location:%20%25T19%25%0dPriority:%20U%25T91%25%0dCreate%20Date/Time:%20%25T97%25><REM2:><TVAR2:20:01:/c ipm.note /m %T40%&subject=%T41%&body=%T42%><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000805000223:000:DEBUG T20%T20%><LAUNCHDEL2:0:0
  9. can't for the life of me figure out what the difference is here These two lines are topologically very similar yet the 'test' one works and the real one doesn't. Stumped. <TVAR2:42:01:test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%test%0dtest%T1%> <TVAR2:42:01:Clarify%20Number:%20%25T1%25Trio%20Number:%20%25T15%25Case%20Title:%20%25T11%25%0dContact%20Name:%20%25T9%25%20%25T10%25%0dCo
  10. It sure does! I must have been fumbling the nesting of everything, (yes in fact I was messing up the set string > set string > use variable combo) thanks a ton this is going to be really great! I have tried literally five different ways of populating emails in ME and this is by far and away the quickest.
  11. Exactly, but inside that first 'variable set string' I want to use more variables like %T45% or whatever... It doesn't seem to parse them first, it just outputs that string directly, but I was wondering if there's a way around that... Variable Set String %T20% "/c ipm.note /m Kevin%20Heaton&subject=help%20with%20everything&body=The%20following%20is%20happy%20fun%20time:%T20%" (or whatever T20 is in unicode)
  12. Oh hrm, might it be possible to do this by having mex create a custom batch script that executes the command? I wonder if it wouldn't be any faster like that, with all the file writes it'd have to do
  13. oh, hrm, was this the answer I wanted? You can just directly put /c ipm.note /m randall&subject=etc into the command line section of the dialogue and it works fine, the problem is I want to do like /c ipm.note /m randall&subject=%T20% And have it parse %T20% to the mex variable and not just display the ascii string... I tried doing like Variable set string T98 Whatever Subject Variable set string T99 /c ipm.note /m randall&subject=%25T98%25 I then put T99 in the command line field of the macro command but I just get the same output of %T98% in that place instead o
  14. NEVER!!! Well, some people see it that way, but the end-result of my work on this team is a phone call or email, it's a high-paperwork environment and any way that I can speed it up is good. THANKS for the input, I'll give it a try! Brilliant, BTW, should have seen this
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