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Reversed menu order of macro sections when using separator lines

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We have just updated from version 4 to version 6

We are using separator lines in our macro menus.

In version 4, the menu were then divided in horizontal sections.

In version 6, the menu is divided in vertical section.

That OK, allthough an option would be preferred - please.


The problem in version 6 is however that the separator sections is sorted reversed, that is not intuitive compared to the creation of the menu - see screenshot.   Is that intended?


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I've built menus similar to yours. My experience has been that macros created via the Menu Builder are fragile: they are easily broken. I've seen menu commands change order after exporting and importing the menu. I've also had difficulties when developing menus in one version of Macro Express, but running the menus in another version.

The only reliable fix I've found is to rebuild menus, starting from scratch, using the current version of Macro Express. If the previously constructed menus are complex, the rebuild process might be time-consuming. But you'll probably spend far less time rebuilding menus than trying to fix them.

The good news is that the menus I rebuilt are working! The up-to-date menus have useful features that were not available in earlier versions of Macro Express, e.g., transparency.

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One more thing: maybe I'm superstitious, but I store menus, and all commands associated with the menus, in separate .mex files. Macro Express has no difficulty opening multiple .mex files simultaneously. I have two files: one that contains my menu-related scripts; and another file that contains non-menu Macro Express scripts.

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