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Here's a potential work around that just came to mind this morning: put a date stamp in the macro's Nickname (e.g. PutData20060413). :huh:


The following is how I am going to implement the prior:

Today, I wanted to change my PutData macro, which I have in multiple macros. So I created a copy of it, made changes, and renamed it to PutData20060413. Then I deleted all the existing code in PutData and added one line of code, Macro Run: PutData20060413. I don't have to change any of the other macros that Macro Run: PutData. I can and will import the two macros into the other macros that now have an outdated PutData macro. Cool! :P


Now, I can also create different test versions (e.g. PutData20060418TEST) and upgrade (e.g. PutData20060420) by just changing the single reference in PutData, and not have to dig in all of the other macros that reference the original PutData. :D

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