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  1. The remap keyboard feature has been removed from Macro Express. This decision was made because changes in recent versions of Windows caused this feature to no longer work properly, this feature is infrequently used, and because Microsoft now offers a better way to remap keys on the keyboard. To remap keys download and install PowerToys for Windows 10 and run the Keyboard Manager. The online help has now been updated.
  2. Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro 6 have been updated. This release contains bug fixes and minor improvements including: Clicking on a shortcut to the Macro Express Player when the program is already running now opens the Macro Explorer. Clicking on a shortcut to Macro Express Explorer now launches the Player if it is not already running. The shortcut to open Macro Express can now be pinned to the taskbar. Improved playback of popup and floating menus. Fixed an issue with the If Variable command comparing two decimal variables containing the same value. Updated the "Ping Site" and "If Ping Successful" commands to be more consistent with each other and to clarify what is allowed in the IP Address/Hostname value. For details about these and other changes see: April 19, 2021 edition of the Macro Express News Newsletter Revision History for Macro Express 5Revision History for Macro Express Pro 6.
  3. When the network is disabled the Ping Site command still uses Windows APIs to see if you are connected and to try to resolve the Host Name to an IP Address. This may not happen "quickly".
  4. The ping command ignores protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or SMTP. It only uses an IP Address or Host Name. Enter an IP address such as or a host name like www.macros.com. The only valid entry in this field is an IP Address or a Host Name. This cannot include the protocol identifier http://, https://, ftp://, or smpt:// . Nor can it include specific pages like .htm, .html, or .apx. There is a problem in the Help. The example value of https://www.macros.com/abc%23%/support.htm is not valid. This example should be something like "www.macros%23%.com". We will fix the help.
  5. No. The Ping Site / If Ping commands call some Windows APIs. Those are taking the time. Not directly. But ... You might try the If Online / If Not Online commands to see if they work faster.
  6. @Cory: Ping uses ICMP. It is part of the TCP/IP protocol standard. When the Ping or If Ping macro commands run, the first thing that happens is Macro Express checks to see if there is a connection and, if there is a connection it checks to see if the IP address or URL is valid. The Timeout value specified in the Ping and If Ping commands has no effect on these tests. Once it is determined that there is a connection and the IP address or URL is valid then the Ping actually happens at that point, the Timeout value is used. The amount of time it takes to determine whether or not you are connected to the network or if the IP address is valid occurs in WIndows. So, no, there is not a way to make it faster. The Ping command included in Windows seems to work differently. You might be able to have the test for a connection work more quickly if you call it instead.
  7. Macro Express v - Macro Express Pro v Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro 6 have been updated with many improvements, UI adjustments and bug fixes. There is one important change of particular note. Recently Windows Defender SmartScreen began blocking unwise.exe, the program used to uninstall Macro Express, due to security vulnerabilities. Blocking occurred when using Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 whether or not Windows Defender or another Internet Security program was being used. You likely experienced this issue if you attempted to uninstall Macro Express. The installation programs for the non-portable versions of Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro have been replaced with new setup programs. This change requires two important considerations. Automatic Update will update your existing copy of Macro Express to the latest version but the uninstaller from the previous versions of Macro Express will not be removed from the Apps & features list in Windows Setup. If, in the future, you try to uninstall Macro Express, Windows Defender SmartScreen will block it. To avoid this problem download and install the full setup program from macros.com/download.htm. The Advanced Installation options have changed. If your company or organization is using the Advanced Installation options to deploy Macro Express your installation procedures will need to be updated. For details about these and other changes see: September 15, 2020 edition of the Macro Express News Newsletter Macro Express 5 Revision History Macro Express Pro 6 Revision History
  8. If the program you are running is running with elevated privileges the Macro Express and the Mouse Locator must also be running with elevated privileges (As Administrator). An enhanced version of the Mouse Locator will be available with the next version of Macro Express that eliminates this requirement. We do not recommend using the Mouse Locator programs containing a version numbers such as MSLocate_v6.1.3.1.exe and MSLocate_v6.1.1.1.exe. These files will be removed when newer versions of Macro Express are installed.
  9. There is known issue with the Terminate Process command when running on Windows 10. This issue has been fixed and will be included in the next release of Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro 6. If you would like a test version of Macro Express containing the fix let us know via our Report a Bug page.
  10. Please visit our Report a Bug page. Or, from the Macro Express Explorer window, click Help, Support, Report a Bug.
  11. It might help to update to the latest version of Macro Express Pro 4. Download it here: Previous Versions The revision history does not mention a change for deleting files but there are several other important fixes. Release Notes: Macro Express Pro v Your Macro Express Pro 4 license allows you to update to Macro Express Pro v without cost.
  12. If you launch a program via the Program Launch command there is an option to save the console information to a variable.
  13. Regarding the current released version of Microsoft Edge: Due to updated security features in the Microsoft Edge browser macro activations no longer work in Edge. We worked with Microsoft over a number of months to find a solution but they will not be making a change to restore functionality in Edge. They issued the following statement: "... the app design is not supported for use with Edge, and there are no known APIs that can be leveraged to perform the same workflow. Unfortunately, there is nothing much we could do from our side from here onwards." It is possible that if you and enough other customers report this issue to Microsoft they may reconsider this decision. All activations work in other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. HOWEVER, the macros work with the beta version of the Chromium Powered Edge browser. Unless they make a change to intentionally disable the APIs used by Macro Express it looks like we will be able to use Macro Express with Edge going forward.
  14. All new versions of Macro Express and Macro Express Pro This major release contains dozens of enhancements, bug fixes and security patches. One of the major changes for this release is to support ultra high DPI / 4K monitors that are now on many new computers. This necessitated many changes throughout the program. These features are new to former Macro Express 3 users: Insert rich text into other applications. Assign names to variables to more readily identify them. No limit to the number of variables per macro. Edit more than one macro at a time. Update data displayed in a text box in real time during macro playback. These features will be new to you if you have been using Macro Express 3 or Macro Express Pro 4: New redesign of the program makes it easier than ever to use Macro Express. Support for ultra-high definition / 4K monitors. Improved the navigation in dialogs and windows. Command dialogs are now resizable so you can see more information without scrolling. Many commands now allow entering multiple lines of information. Adjust the look and feel of the program by choosing a theme, small or large icons and fonts. The About box now indicates when an update is available. An optional automated update process is included to ensure you are using the latest version. Stability is improved. In many places where Macro Express would previously crash it now makes an entry in the Macro Logs and continues. For a more detailed information about Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro 6 please see the December 14, 2018 edition of the Macro Express News Newsletter. All future enhancements, bug fixes and security patches will be made to Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro 6.
  15. Major updates have been made to Macro Express and Macro Express Pro. Because of the similarities between Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro 6 the discussion forum Macro Express and Macro Express Pro is designated for all discussions about all versions of Macro Express and Macro Express Pro except Macro Express 3. This Macro Express 3.x forum will remain for a time to discuss Macro Express 3 issues.
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