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  1. Here's a start Variable Set Integer %First% to 5 Repeat Prompt Start Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): %First%<ENTER><ENTER> Variable Modify Integer: %First% = %First% + 4 End Repeat
  2. Thank you acantor! Until now I did not know that incremental searches work in that list. Upon further experimentation it turns out that if you type quickly enough it works. But, if you type too slowly it may not. For example, if I type "ve" it brings up "Venmo" but if I type "v" ... "e" it brings up Enphase. Now that I know I'll try to get these old fingers to type quicker. 😉
  3. I type the first letter and then either click the down arrow icon to expand the list or press the down arrow key repeatedly.
  4. I use it to display a list of companies. When I select one the macro opens the correct website and gets ready to type login credentials.
  5. The Wait for Text Playback may help: Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): %dirNG%%T[1]% Wait for Text Playback
  6. Do this: <CONTROL>p Note the lower case P. When you manually press Ctrl+Shift+P in Excel it brings up the Format Cells dialog. When you press Ctrl+p it brings up the Print dialog.
  7. When you click the Run Macro Now it doesn't ask you which window to type in. Since the first line is a Text Type command Macro Express is typing into it's own window. The text is typed into the window that has focus. The log entry "Tuesday, November 21, 2023 11:18:18:668 AM: TMainWin.tmrFixFirstLineTimer: An error in the first line of the script has been fixed" happens when there was a problem displaying the first line of a macro in the Script Editor. It has no effect on the macro running. Log entries that include MacScript are events that occur in the Script Editor. Entries that include MacEdit are events that occur in the Macro Express Explorer. For events that occur in the Player look for log entries that include MacExp. Here are some things to try: 1. Press and release the Ctrl key and then type the shortkey activation again. 2. Make sure you are typing the correct characters to activate the shortkey. Highlight the shortkey macro in the Macro Express Explorer window. In the yellow box under the list of macros the keys needed to activate the shortkey are displayed. For example, it may show something like Shortkey //ps To activate the shortkey macro type all the keystrokes shown. 3. You can adjust what is needed to activate shortkeys in the Activations, Shortkeys preferences. Depending on those settings you may need to press space before or after the shortkey characters. 4. To see if the macro is activating put something at the top of your macro like a Text Box Display. You could also have Macro Express play a sound when a macro is activated. This is found in the Playback, Miscellaneous preferences. But it is annoying to have a sound played every time a macro is activated so you will probably want to turn this off after your test.
  8. In Macro Express 3 you have to change an setting to allow nesting of variables. Click Options, Preferences, Miscellaneous, the Advanced button, and enter something other than 0 in the Variables Evaluation Level box.
  9. When you activate a macro the window where the macro runs already has focus (is active). However, when you are debugging a macro Macro Express has focus. When debugging a macro, Macro Express does not know which window to work with so it asks which window the macro should run in. Choose the name of the window where you want the macro to run.
  10. I was able to copy the macro. I highlighted from <VARIABLE RESTORE Option="\x02"/> through <VARIABLE SAVE Option="\x02"/> Pressed Ctrl+c and pasted into the Script Editor. I also tried pasting into the Direct Editor. Both worked for me.
  11. Macro Express Pro Portable takes up around 65 MB without macros, backup copies of macros, or other temporary files. I have other portable programs on the USB drive where Macro Express Pro Portable is installed. So, the size of thumb drive you need depends on what other programs you put on it.
  12. When posting macro code it works best to include it in a Code box. Click the <> icon and paste your macro into it.
  13. Using the example posted by ACantor, highlight the part that begins with <VARIABLE SET all the way through and including <TEXT BOX CLOSE Header="Testing"/> and type Ctrl+c. Then create a new, blank macro and press Ctrl+v to paste the macro into it.
  14. When you right click on a macro there is an option to "Place on Desktop". An icon will be created on your desktop that will run the macro when you double click on it. If Macro Express is not already running when you double click on the icon then Macro Express will be launched. This may take some time but the macro should run once Macro Express loads. Are you sure that the macro is not running? Put a Text Box Display command at the top of your macro. It should be displayed when you double click on the macro icon. If you still have trouble contact support here: Request Support
  15. Request a Feature Report a Bug Request Support Other Support resources.
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